A.A. Noske

Abraham Noske (1873-1945)
cover 1908
title page 1916



Abraham Noske (1873-1945), after working for the music dealer Stumpff & Koning of Amsterdam 1892-96, started his own music store and publishing business. It was based in Arnhem (1896-8), then Middelburg (1898-1915), and finally the Hague (1915-1925). He sold the business to G. Alsbach & Co of Amsterdam in 1925.

In 1917 Noske married the pianist Leny Friedlaender, a student of his friend Dirk Schäfer. They had two sons, Willem, a violinist, and Frits, a musicologist.

Noske's catalog was exclusively of Dutch composers, such as Cornélie van Oosterzee, Peter van Anrooy (1879—1954) Kor Kuiler (1877—1951) Alphons Diepenbrock (1862—1921),Bernard Zweers (1854—1924) Gerard von Brucken Fock(1859—1935),Emile Brucken Fock (1857—1944) Jan Ingenhoven (1876—1951),Dirk Schäfer (1873—1931),Jan van Gilse (1881—1944) and Sem Dresden (1881—1957).

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • Arnhem (1896-8)
  • Middelburg (1898-1915)
  • the Hague (1915-1925)


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Plate Numbers


Plate Composer Work Year
023 Kuiler Violin Sonata 1898
082 Anrooy Piet Hein (f.s.) 1902

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