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Founded as the Chemische Druckerey on July 27, 1803 by Alois Senefelder (1771-1834). The earliest publications bear the imprint "A. Senefelder." Senefelder transferred the company to Sigmund Anton Steiner (1773-1838), who acquired the catalogue of the Viennese composer and publisher Franz Anton Hofmeister in 1807 - continuing to use the Chemische Druckerey imprint until 1815. In that year, Tobias Haslinger (1787-1842) joined as a partner which also marked a name change to K.k. priv. Kust- und Musikalienhandlung des S. A. Steiner. During this period, Anton Diabelli was employed as a proofreader for the firm. Haslinger became sole owner in 1826, changing the name to Tobias Haslinger. The catalogue had grown to more than 4700 publications by this time and included numerous titles by prominent composers such as Beethoven, Czerny, Diabelli, Hummel, Krommer, Moscheles, Onslow, Rossini, Spohr, and Weber. Haslinger was personally responsible for vast improvements in both the print quality and composer representation. By his death in 1842, the firm boasted 50 employees, its own music engraving division, and 14 copperplate presses. From 1842-1848, the company continued as Tobias Haslingers Witwe und Sohn. After 1848, business continued under the imprint Carl Haslinger quondam Tobias. It was finally sold to A. Schlesinger (Robert Lienau) of Berlin in 1875, with a final plate number of 15170. In Friedrich Hofmeisters Musikalisch-literarischer Monatsbericht new entries with "Wien, Haslinger" appear until May 1882. Schlesinger-Lienau continued to use the imprint until 1945.


  • Chemische Druckerey (1803-1815)
  • A. Senefelder (1803-1815)
  • K.k. priv. Kust- und Musikalienhandlung des S. A. Steiner (1815-1826)
  • S.A. Steiner & Co. (1815-1826)
  • Tobias Haslinger (1826-1842)
  • Tobias Haslingers Witwe und Sohn (1842-1848)
  • Carl Haslinger (1848-1875) - used as a Schlesinger imprint from 1875-1945.

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
134 1805
1967 1812
2761 Krommer String Trio, Op.96 1818
2821 Onslow 3 String Quartets (Nos.19-21), Op.46 (1816)
3018 Spohr Octet, Op.32 (1820)
3096 Schneider Overture No.4, Op.45 (parts) (1820)
4165 Eberl Piano Quintet, Op.41 (1823)
4501 Moscheles Fantaisie sur des airs favoris ecossais, Op.57 (1824?)
4747 1826
4952 Thalberg Fantaisie et Variations sur 'Euryanthe' de Weber, Op.1 (1827)
5010 Schubert Piano Sonata No.18, D.894 1827
5101-5124 Schubert Winterreise, D.911 1828
5371–5384 Schubert Schwanengesang, D.957 1829
5611 Hummel Septet No.2 'Military', Op.114 1831
5674 Hesse Fantasie für die Orgel zu 4 Händen, Op.35 1832
6075 Dotzauer String Trio, Op.111 (1833)
6730 Spohr Erinnerung an Marienbad, Op.89 (pf.solo) 1834
6952 Thalberg Caprice No.2, Op.19 (1836)
7014 Chotek Fantaisie sur 'I Capuleti e i Montecchi', Op.21 No.1 1836
7571 Liszt Fantaisie romantique sur deux mélodies suisses, S.157 1837
7679 Lipiński 3 Caprices de concert, Op.27 1839
7700 Liszt Hexaméron, S.392 1839
8015 Bertini Etudes musicales, Op.97 (Book 2) 1840
9000 1842
9154 Czerny Piano Sonata No.11, Op.730 1843
9968 Haslinger Cello Sonata, Op.39 1846
11007 1848
12474 Bargiel Suite for Piano, Op.21 1861
15170 1875


  1. Weinmann, Alexander. Vollständiges Verlagsverzeichnis Senefelder, Steiner, Haslinger. 2 vols. München, Salzburg: Musikverlag Katzbichler, 1979, 1982.

Authority control

  • VIAF (Tobias Haslinger (Firma))
  • VIAF (Haslinger, Tobias, 1787-1842)
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