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Originally founded by Carl Gottlob Friedrich Warmuth (1811-1892) in 1843 in Christiania (Oslo), Warmuth expanded to music publishing in 1851. In 1861, Warmuth's son (1844-1895) began working for the firm (eventually taking it over entirely in 1874), and in the subsequent years its size and influence increased greatly. During this period, Warmuth acquired its competitors H. Neupert, W. Lindorff & Co., A.M. Hanche, and Edvard Winther. After the 1895 death of Warmuth Jr., the firm was taken over by his widow and managed by Oluv By. In 1900, it was sold to a Swedish bank, and the management was taken over by Olav Sørbye in 1903. In 1908, Carl Warmuth's Oslo branch was purchased by Brødrene Hals, a piano builder and concert promoter, and its Copenhagen branch was bought by Wilhelm Hansen. On 1 January 1909, these two entities were merged to form Norsk Musikforlag.

Warmuth published the works of many notable Norwegian composers, including Agathe Backer Grondahl, Johan Svendsen, Adolf Hansen, Friedrich August Reissiger, Halfdan Kjerulf, and Christian Cappelen.

Its most successful work was Svendsen's Romance (1881), one of the most popular violin pieces of the late 19th c, equal in popularity to Sinding's piano piece Rustle of Spring (Peters, 1896).


  • Carl Warmuths Musikforlag

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
C.W.0335 Bull The Herdgirl's Sunday (arr. for string orchestra) 1879
C.W.0759 Svendsen Romance, Op.26 (pf with flute or violin) (1881)
C.W.0764–66 Backer-Grøndahl 6 Etudes de concert, Op.11 (nos.1-3) 1881
C.W.1000 Cappelen Foraarshilsen 1886
C.W.1132 Svendsen Fest-Polonaise, Op.12 (full score) (1886)
C.W.1201–04 Backer-Grøndahl 4 Sketches, Op.19 1886
C.W.1311–15 Backer-Grøndahl Suite for Piano, Op.20 1887
C.W.1374 Backer-Grøndahl 3 Etudes, Op.22 1888
C.W.1420 Borgstrøm Klaverstykker, Op.3 1889
C.W.1457–62 Sinding 6 Tekster af Holger Drachman, Op.8 1889
C.W.1745 Halvorsen Suite for Violin and Piano (sc&pt) 1896
C.W.2393–95 Borgstrøm 3 Klavierstücke, Op.10 1899
C.W.2591 Teilman Valse Rose 1902

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