Cary & Co.

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Typical Charles Avison cover (1906)



This company has operated in London since the 1890s. Its catalog has three distinct parts. There were many light items- songs, salon pieces for piano and dances in the 1890 to 1930 period. A second group is "serious" items around 1906-18, by Hurlstone, Bax and others (see Charles Avison). Finally it has a connection with sacred music for the Roman Catholic Church, from 1900 and especially post 1950, when Colin Mawby composed and edited many works.


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Cary & Co.


231 Oxford Street W.
16 Mortimer Street, London, W1 (1960)

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
2040 Edmundson From My Sketch Book 1916
2193 Cary Mass of Saint Francis 1920
2971 Laloux Mass in honour of Saint Ignatius 1953
2994 Malcolm Missa ad præsepe 1959
3041 Malcolm Veritas mea 1960


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