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Bruno Karl Ludwig Henze (1869 - ?)

Bruno Karl Ludwig Henze

(b. 1869)

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The name "Henze, Bruno Karl Ludwig" is probably a conflation of two names - the German guitarists Carl/Karl Henze (1872-1946) and his son, Bruno Henze (born 12th May 1900). Carl Henze, the father, was a pioneer of plucked-instrument (guitar, mandolin) music in Germany and taught his son, Bruno, who was born in Berlin. Bruno also studied harp, piano and composition in the Hochschule fur Musik. He wrote a thoroughgoing (seventeen volume) method for guitar playing, 'Das Gitarrespiel' (published by Friedrich Hofmeister, Leipzig), a work comprising well-chosen music by early masters and some modern works by German composers, e.g. Hermann Ambrosius, Anton Stingl et al (including Henze himself). Some of his compositions, with others by his compatriots, have been recorded by Volker Hoh in the compact disc 'Deutsche Gitarrenmusik'.

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