Category talk:For 2 oboes, English horn, bassoon (arr)

All but the quartet of per Brant are not quartets for 2 oboes, English horn, bassoon, but quartets for Oboe, English Horn, Bass Oboe and Basson. A new category for them should be introduced (I proposed "double reed quartet"), or a more general category: 4 double reed instruments

Just to reassure you that the category names aren't intended to show detailed instrumentations, and are just a general guide to the forces involved, which is why oboe and bass oboe have been grouped together as "2 oboes". Anyone finding your arrangements this way will then be able to see the precise instrumentation from your descriptions. The new method of searching will be the "Category Walker", which will not be officially launched for a few weeks yet, and until then some categories may stil be subject to change (which is why they may still be shown as red links instead of blue) — P.davydov 10:45, 23 January 2010 (UTC)