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"The precise date and location of his birth remain uncertain. When he died in 1792, the death register in Ludwigslust recorded his age as 42, placing his birth in the year 1750. In documenting his marriage in 1777, the Wallerstein parish records identified him as a court musician from Leitmeritz, Bohemia, but the parish registers there record no birth of an Anton Rösler in 1750, leading some scholars to suggest that the composer was a Franciscus Xaverius Antonius Rössler born on 25 October 1746 in Niemes (now Mimoň), Bohemia. This Rössler, however, was throughout his life a shoemaker in Niemes, where he died on 11 June 1779. Some time before 1773 Rosetti adopted the Italian form of his name, and he thereafter consistently referred to himself as Antonio Rosetti. The existence during this period of several musicians who shared one or the other of the composer’s surnames has led to considerable confusion in the identification of his music" (Source: Grove Music Online) — P.davydov 15:33, 23 March 2009 (EDT)