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Music publishing firm founded by Charles Heu (d.March, 1869) in Paris in 1828 upon his acquisition of the publishing firm of Mme. Chanel. Heu's company was itself acquired by Louis Gregh in 1877 (1873?).


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • C. Heu (1828–1850?)
  • E. Heu (1851–ca.1877)


  • Paris, 15 Rue Feydeau, près la Bourse (1828–1830)
  • Paris, 10 Rue de Mont-Blanc (1830, 1832)
  • Paris, 10 Rue de la Chaussée-d'Antin (1831–1853)
  • Paris, 16 Rue de la Chaussée-d'Antin (1854–ca.1877)

Plate Numbers

Hue's plate numbers appear to have been issued in a fairly regular chronological fashion. Dates in parentheses are estimated. The format for the firm's plate numbers followed the changes in company name.

  • C. H. #### (1828–ca.1850)
  • E. H. #### (1851–ca.1877)

C. Heu

Plate Composer Work Year
107 Marquerie Le galopin industriel (1840?)
184 Rousselot String Quintet No.1, Op.14 (parts) 1830
226 Musard Quadrille gothique (parts) (1835)

E. Heu

Plate Composer Work Year
0003 Hervé Toinette et son carabinier (vocal score) 1858
0169 Hocmelle La journée du laboureur (1851?)
0333 Herz Grande valse brilliante, Op.37 (4th ed.)
0490 Billema L'étoile de Naples, Op.15 1855?
0510 Tonel Une nuit à Grenade, sérénade, Op.13 1856?
0534 Duprato M'sieu Landry (vocal score) (1856?)
0740 Boscovitz Carnaval hongrois, Op.57 1866
0742 Offenbach La vie parisienne (vocal score) (1866)
0754 Offenbach La vie parisienne (arr. piano solo Boullard) (1866)
0779 Hignard Hamlet (arr. piano solo Boullard) (1868)
0809 Radoux Le Béarnais (vocal score, 1868 rev.) (1868)
0822 Offenbach Vert-Vert (arr. piano solo Soumis) 1869
1001 Offenbach L'île de Tulipatan (vocal score) 1868
1006 Offenbach Vert-Vert (vocal score) (1869)
1843 Lecocq Le beau Dunois (vocal score) (1870)
1845 Delibes Coppélia (arr. piano solo) 1870
1849 Bottesini Vinciguerra (vocal score) (1870)
1874 O'Kelly Arlequin et Colombine, Op.43 (piano score) (1871)
1880 Delahaye Le madrigal, Op.20 (1871)
1890 Offenbach Boule de neige (vocal score) (1872)

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