Eberle-Spina cover 1904



The printing and publishing company of Josef Eberle & Co. was founded by Josef Eberle (24 January 1845–13 January 1921) in Vienna in 1873. By 1888 the firm was also acting as a publisher of music, issuing technical exercises, editions of the classic repertoire, and popular songs and dance music. Additionally, the firm was instrumental in securing the publication of a number of symphonies by Anton Bruckner and Gustav Mahler and itself published some of the early works of Franz Schreker. Cranz, which had taken over Spina in 1876, seems to have sold Spina to Eberle around 1900, judging from the covers.

Sometime in the 1890s Eberle merged with the printing company Rudolf v. Waldheim forming R. v. Waldheim-Jos. Eberle & Co. or simply Waldheim-Eberle. The firm was the printer for Universal Edition from the company's founding in 1901 until 1960. After the German annexation of Austria in 1938 the firm was aryanized and taken over by M. Müller & Sohn. Waldheim-Eberle closed in 1974.

Publishing Companies printing with Eberle

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  • Jos. Eberle & Co.
  • Josef Eberle & Co.
  • "Stich und Druck von R. v. Waldheim-Jos. Eberle & Co., Wien, VII. Seidengasse 3-9"
  • "Stich der Musikaliendruckerei v. Jos. Eberle & Co., Wien, VII."
  • Waldheim-Eberle A.G.

Plate Numbers

Works published by Eberle (as opposed to those the firm printed for other companies) included a plate number in the format of J.E.####.

Plate Composer Work Year
0513 Bass Valse de concert 1903
0779 Schmidt Symphony No.1 (full score) 1905
0826 Schreker Ekkehard, Op.12 (full score) 1903
0843 Bass Gavotte characteristique 1904
0844 Schreker 2 Gesänge, Op.2 (No.1) 1904
0854 Schreker 2 Gesänge, Op.2 (No.2) 1904
0906 Schreker 2 Lieder auf den Tod eines Kindes, Op.5 1904
0907 Schreker 5 Lieder, Op.4 1904
1241 Schreker 8 Lieder, Op.7 (book 1) 1906
1242 Schreker 8 Lieder, Op.7 (book 2) 1906

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  • VIAF (Josef Eberle & Co.)
  • VIAF (Waldheim-Eberle AG (Wien))