Educational Series of Russian Music for Piano (Weston, Annie T.)




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Editor Annie T. Weston
Publisher. Info. London: J. & W. Chester, Ltd., 1917. Plate J. & W.C. 1987-1990.
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Publisher. Info. London: J. & W. Chester, 1917. Plates J. & W.C. 1987-1990.
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General Information

Work Title Educational Series of Russian Music for Piano
Alternative. Title
Composer Weston, Annie T.
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 70 pieces in 6 books
  • Book 1: Easy Pieces
    1. Aleksandr Gedike: Petit Pièce, Op.6 No.1 (C major)
    2. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.2 (A minor)
    3. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.5 (C major)
    4. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.6 (A minor)
    5. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.9 (A minor)
    6. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.10 (C major)
    7. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.11 (E minor)
    8. Konstantin Eiges: Chanson triste, Op.6 No.2 (E minor)
    9. K. Eiges: Fête, Op.6 No.3 (G major)
    10. V. Landstein: Chanson enfantine, Op.11 No.8 (C major)
    11. Landstein: Feuille d'album, Op.11 No.14 (D major)
    12. Landstein: Chanson du matin, Op.11 No.15 (C major)
    13. Vladimir Rebikov: Christmas Present [Les enfants entourent l'arbre de Noël (No.1), from Les étrennes de Noël] (G major)
    14. Semyon Panchenko: Elegy, Op.17 No.2 (A minor)
    15. Nikolay Ladukhin: Un léger malentendu [from Children's Repertoire] (G major)
    16. Ladukhin: Un gai moment [from Children's Repertoire] (C major)
    17. Ladukhin: Petit pièce, Op.10 No.1 (F major)
    18. Ladukhin: Petit pièce, Op.10 No.2 (C major)
    19. Ladukhin: Petit pièce, Op.10 No.7 (C major)
    20. V. Selivanov: Scherzetto (C major)
  • Book 2: Moderately Easy Pieces
    1. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.14 (E minor)
    2. Gedike: Miniature, Op.8 No.2 (D minor)
    3. Nikolay Amani: Chansonnette, Op.15 No.3 (F major)
    4. Panchenko: Canzonetta, Op.17 No.1 (A major)
    5. K. Eiges: Chanson russe, Op.6 No.5 (B minor)
    6. Samuil Maykapar: Toccatina, Op.8 No.1 (C major)
    7. Maykapar: Pastorale, Op.8 No.3 (D minor)
    8. Maykapar: Chez le forgeron, Op.8 No.5 (B major)
    9. Maykapar: Berceuse, Op.8 No.6 (G minor)
    10. Maykapar: Pièce enfantine, Op.4 No.3 (C minor)
    11. Reinhold Glière: Romance, Op.31 No.7 (E minor)
    12. Henryk Pachulski: Chant des moissonneuses, Op.23 No.12 (F major)
    13. Ladukhin: Allegro, Op.10 No.11 (G major)
  • Book 3: Moderately Difficult Pieces
    1. Maykapar: Petites variations (Thème russe), Op.8 No.14 (F minor)
    2. Maykapar: Scherzino, Op.8 No.13 (B major)
    3. Ladukhin: Allegro, Op.10 No.8 (G major)
    4. Amani: Petite valse, Op.15 No.2 (F minor)
    5. Amani: Impromptu, Op.15 No.6 (E minor)
    6. Amani: Ancien menuet, Op.15 No.10 (E major)
    7. Glière: Chanson simple, Op.26 No.4 (E minor)
    8. Glière: Nocturne, Op.31 No.2 (F minor)
    9. Pachulski: Prelude, Op.8 No.6 (D major)
    10. Gedike: Petit pièce, Op.6 No.17 (A minor)
    11. Gedike: Miniature, Op.8 No.7 (G major)
  • Book 4: Fairly Difficult Pieces
    1. Maykapar: Feuille d'album, Op.4 No.7 (B minor)
    2. Maykapar: Minuet, Op.4 No.8 (B minor)
    3. Maykapar: Romance, Op.8 No.16 (F major)
    4. Gedike: Petite valse, Op.1 No.2 (F minor)
    5. Gedike: Miniature, Op.8 No.10 (B minor)
    6. Pachulski: Feuille d'album, Op.16 No.1 (E minor)
    7. Glière: Chanson russe, Op.34 No.15 (E minor)
    8. Glière: Prelude, Op.43 No.1 (D major)
    9. Anton Arensky: Prelude, Op.63 No.7 (E major)
  • Book 5: Difficult Pieces
    1. Georgy Catoire: Rêverie, Op.6 No.1 (A major)
    2. Aleksandr Scriabin: Etude, Op.2 No.1 (C minor)
    3. Glière: Esquisse, Op.47 No.3 (D major)
    4. Gedike: Miniature, Op.8 No.4 (A minor)
    5. Vasily Zolotarev: Berceuse, Op.14 No.2 (G minor)
    6. Semyon Barmotin: L'inquiétude, Op.9 No.15 (E minor)
    7. Barmotin: Chanson des enfants mendiants, Op.9 No.5 (B minor)
    8. Barmotin: Chant d'automne, Op.9 No.20 (F minor)
    9. Arensky: Prelude, Op.63 No.3 (G minor)
    10. Arensky: Prelude, Op.63 No.1 (A minor)
  • Book 6: Concert Pieces
    1. Scriabin: Nocturne, Op.5 No.1 (F minor)
    2. Nikolay Medtner: Caprice, Op.4 No.2 (C major)
    3. Gedike: Prelude, Op.9 No.2 (F minor)
    4. Zolotarev: Prelude, Op.18 No.3 (C major)
    5. Medtner: Idylle, Op.7 No.2 (B minor)
    6. Arensky: Arabesque, Op.67 No.1 (C minor)
    7. Catoire: Scherzo, Op.6 No.3 (B major)
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation Piano (solo)
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