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Typical Eulenberg-Payne's miniature score cover, 1898



Founded in 1874 by Ernst Eulenburg (1847-1926) in Leipzig, Germany. For the first two decades, his catalog consisted mostly of educational and choral works. Subsequently, Eulenburg purchased the study score series of the Leipzig publisher Payne (1891) and that of the London publisher E. Donajowski (1894) to form the basis of the well-known miniature score series - Eulenburg's Kleine Partitur-Ausgabe.

Ernst's son Kurt joined the company in 1911 and took over the reins after his father's death. With the increasing brutality of the Nazi regime in Germany, Eulenburg abandoned the Leipzig headquarters in 1939 for the London office, which became the new company headquarters. In Leipzig the firm, like Anton J. Benjamin and Josef Weinberger was confiscated in 1939 under the Nazi aryanization policy, and became part of F.E.C. Leuckart.

Following the war, Kurt Eulenburg never returned to Germany, but remained in London. Branch offices were opened in Zurich (1947) and Stuttgart (1950). After Kurt Eulenburg's retirement in 1968, the London headquarters (Ernst Eulenburg & Co., Ltd. - London and Ashford, Kent) and German branch office (Ernst Eulenburg & Co., GmbH - Mainz) were sold to Schott, while the Zurich office remained independent.

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Plate numbers

All plate numbers for the study score series, which forms the vast majority of the Eulenburg catalog, begin with the prefix. "E.E." Several hundred Eulenburg titles were actually reprinted from study scores originally issued by the publishers Payne and Donajowski, which were sold to Eulenburg in 1891 and 1894 respectively.

While most Eulenburg study scores are actually re-engraved, some are simply licensed reprints from other publishers. A number of study scores were apparently issued concurrently by C.F. Peters starting in the 1920s. Eulenburg frequently issued prefaces by several different authors and editors over the years for the same work without changing either the edition or plate number. Edition and plate numbers would remain the same even if the works was re-engraved fresh (Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, for example).

Although some prefaces are public domain due to natural expiration of copyright term, others may still be protected, even if the music itself is public domain. Eulenburg's plate numbering scheme is apparently not in any chronological order, but serves simply as an identifier for a particular publication.

Plate numbers with the E.E. prefix (includes the study score series)

Plate Edition Composer Work Year
678 Thieriot Piano Trio, Op.47 1890
1081 - 83 Sitt 3 Fantasy Pieces Op.58 for Viola and Piano (1894)
1085 Klughardt String Quintet, Op.62 [1894]
1105 5 Cherubini String Quartet No.1 in E Flat (1900)
1160 60 Schubert Octet, D.803
1204 104 Beethoven Trio for 2 Oboes and English Horn, Op.87
1205 106 Dittersdorf String Quartet No.1 in D major (ed. W. Altmann) 1938
1206 107 Dittersdorf String Quartet No.2 in B-flat major (ed. W. Altmann) 1937
1222 122 Beethoven Piano Trio No.1 (ed. Max Unger) (1925)
1321 221 Volkmann Piano Trio No.1, Op.3 (score) 1899
1322 222 Volkmann Piano Trio No.2, Op.5 (score) 1899
1324 Taubert String Quartet, Op.56 (full score) 1898
1325 Klughardt String Quartet No.2, Op.61 (score) 1898
1331, 1332 231, 232 Hochberg 2 String Quartets, Op.27 (scores) 1901
2075 Blumenthal Piano Quintet No.1, Op.2 1900
2076 Blumenthal Piano Quintet No.2, Op.4 1900
2634 Paganini Variations on 'Non più mesta', Op.12 (Paganini, Niccolò) (ed. Fritz Kreisler) 1905
2635 Paganini Variations on 'I Palpiti', Op.13 (ed. Fritz Kreisler) 1905
2682 Hummel Hallelluia, Op.73 (with organ) 1903
3310 279 Schröder String Quartet, Op.88 (score) 1907
3317 291 Schröder String Quartet, Op.89 (score) 1909
3319 307 Scontrino String Quartet in E minor (score) 1913
3609 409 Haydn Symphony Hob.I:104, D major 1936
3611 411 Beethoven Symphony No.9, Op.125, 391 p.
(Reissue of Donajowski. Original plate number = E. 3179 D.)
3611 411 Beethoven Symphony No.9, Op.125 (ed. Max Unger, 284 p.) (1925)
3627 431 Haydn Symphony Hob.I:99, E flat major (Praetorius edition) 1935
3629 434 Haydn Symphony Hob.I:100, G major (Praetorius edition) 1936
3634 439 Haydn Symphony Hob.I:101, D major (Praetorius edition) 1934
3633 438 Haydn Symphony Hob.I:102, B flat major (Praetorius edition) 1934
3638 469 Haydn Symphony Hob.I:103, E flat major (Praetorius edition) 1938
3672 500 Tchaikovsky Manfred Symphony, Op.58 1924
519 Trapp, M. Symphony No.4 in B minor, Op.24 (study score, American reprint) 1930
3691 491 Borodin Symphony No.2 (ed. Glazunov, Rimsky)
3702.4381 602 Weber Der Freischütz, Op.77 (ed Hermann Abert.)
Odd case with double plate number. Abert died in 1927
3761 Volkmann Overture to Shakespeare's Richard III, Op.68 (study score)
3827 738 Franck Variations symphoniques
3867 Kaun Symphony No.2, Op.85 (full score) (1910?)
3909 Reifner Frühling, Op.12 1909
3943 Vieuxtemps Vieuxtemps-Album (Heft 1)
3945–46 Pals Konzertstück in B minor, Op.10 (vn/pf; parts) 1912
4020 198 E.Ed.Ser. Sitt 15 Etudes for Viola, Op.116 1913
4219 Niemann Sanssouci, Op.65 1919
4285 Niemann Butterfly, Op.82 1921
6018 893 Chabrier España
6021 525 Dvořák Symphony No.8, Op.88
6022 195 Haydn Trumpet Concerto, Hob.VIIe:1 (ed. H. F. Redlich)
6053 897 Grieg Holberg Suite, Op.40
6054 969 Brahms Ein deutsches Requiem, Op.45
6056 288 Reger String Trio No.1, Op.77b (1940)
6322 501 Borodin Symphony No.3 (compl. Glazunov) (1920)
6420 560 Tchaikovsky Symphony No.1, Op.13 (1910)
6630 1118 Borodin Prince Igor: Overture (1950)
6705 Scriabin Symphony No.5, Op.60 (1965)

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