F. Roerich & Co.

chamber music cover (1890s) marked formerly F Wessely.
zither music cover (1890s)


The Viennese publisher Rörich published a wide range of music from 1885. Most of its catalog was of light music for domestic use: dances for piano and songs with piano accompaniment.

At the same time some other genres were represented: there were some larger works of chamber music by Heinrich Molbe, and some church music such as Kirchenmusik-Werke oesterreichischer Meister, hrsg. vom Kirchenmusik-Verein an der Votivkirche in Wien edited by Theobald Kretschmann. There were also many works for zither.

Some covers suggest that Rörich took over Wessely & Büsing, although the latter firm was taken over by Vinzenz Kratochwill in 1885, then by Bosworth in 1889. Rörich itself was bought by Bosworth in about 1907.

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Plate Numbers

Prefixes: Typically F.R. for publications originating with Rörich (that were not republications from Wessely.)

Plate Composer Work Year
0052–53 Molbe String Quintet, Op.44 (score&parts) 1896
0061 Molbe Nonett, Op.61 (parts) 1897
0064 Molbe Sextet for Strings, Op.64 (parts) 1897
0083 Molbe Octet, Op.47 (full score) 1898
2859 Bass Romance fantastique, Op.12 (score & pt.) 1905