Forsyth Brothers, Ltd.

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The Forsyth brothers retail music store in Manchester. U.K. goes back to the 1850's. The firm's website summarizes its history as follows: "In 1857 the Forsyth brothers settled in Manchester to help Charles Hallé set up the Hallé orchestra having learned their trade with their father - the factory manager for Messrs Broadwood in Golden Square, described by Beethoven as the “prince of piano makers”. After initially specialising only in Pianos Forsyth soon diversified into supplying Sheet music and all other instruments. Forsyth is still run by the same family (4th and 5th generation) over 150 years later."

Forsyth brothers Ltd. has always been mainly a piano music publisher. Starting in 1875, it published a few works by Henselt and Heller, but it was only after 1900 that volumes increased. Educational works for children by Walter Carroll(1869—1955), John Longmire (1902-86) and Helen Lockhart, many of which are still in print, were first published between 1910 and 1940. More difficult repertoire such as piano pieces by Henry Balfour Gardiner (1877— 1950) and Ethel Smyth's "The Wreckers" were also in the catalog.


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36 Great Titchfield Street London W 1880s
267 Regent Street London W.1 1890s
272a Regent Street London W.1 1900s
34 Berners Street London W.1 1910-

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