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The company was founded by Carl Georg Alsbach (1830-1906) in 1866. In 1998, G. Alsbach & Co purchased Brix von Wahlberg, which was another publisher in Rotterdam. Among the many scores added to their collection, the most important were Dutch compositions. In 1903 his son, Johann Alsbach (1873-1961), took over the publishing house and laid out the groundwork for what would be called the "Dutch Music Archive". This would include almost all the works of Dutch composers published since the 19th century, amounting to almost 14,000 scores. In 1939 his collection was presented to the Dutch Foundation for Music Interests, where it was later transferred in 1982 to FCA. The music is currently located at the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.



  • G. Alsbach & Co, Leidsegracht 11, Amsterdam, Holland

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
1018 Verhulst Mass in E major, Op.50 1901
1240 Verhey Romance & Menuett, Op.6 1902
1291 Viadana Missa sine nomine 1904
1857 Röntgen Dolce far niente, Op.60
2525 Sigtenhorst Meyer 6 Views of Mount Fuji, Op.9 1920
2606 Sigtenhorst Meyer The Meuse, Op.11 1920
2627 Sigtenhorst Meyer Old Castles, Op.14 1920
2660 Andriessen Chaque heure, où je songe 1920
2695 Sigtenhorst Meyer Fairyland, Op.27 1921
2777 Sigtenhorst Meyer 8 Preludes, Op.17 1922
3942 Schäfer 8 Piano Pieces, Op.15
4113 Wolf Passacaglia, koraal en fuga over gezang 17 (1928?)
4121 Bosmans Impressions (No.1)
4122 Bosmans Impressions (No.2)
4123 Bosmans Impressions (No.3)
4258 Schäfer Paraphrase on "Wiener Blut" 1929
4609 Röntgen Piano Quintet No.2, Op.100 1931
4639 Röntgen Prometheus, Op.99 1931
4655 Röntgen Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Bassoon, Op.86 1931
4881 Röntgen 5 Morceaux (1936?)

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