Historische ungarische Bildnisse, S.205 (Liszt, Franz)

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TN-Liszt NLA Serie I Band 10 07 Historische ungarische Bildnisse S.105.jpg

Imre Mező (1932–)
Imre Sulyok (1912–2008)

Publisher Info.:

Neue Liszt-Ausgabe. Serie 1, Band 10
Budapest: Editio Musica / Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1980. Plate Z.8459.


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 Complete Score (S.205)
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PDF scanned by Unknown
Funper (2007/4/23)

Liszt - S205 Historische ungarische Bildnisse (edition Veress).pdf

Sándor Veress (1907-1992)

Publisher Info.:

Budapest: Edito Musica Budapest, 1956.


Miami Lakes: Masters Music, n.d.(ca.1988).


Public Domain [tag/del]

Misc. Notes:

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General Information

Work Title Historische ungarische Bildnisse
Alternative Title Magyar arcképek / Historical Hungarian Portraits
Ungarische Oden
Composer Liszt, Franz
Opus/Catalogue Number S.205 ; LW.A335 (1st version)
S.205a ; LW.A335 (2nd version)
Year/Date of Composition 1885
First Publication 1956 (1st version)
Dedication 1/1. Count István Széchenyi (1791–1860)
2/4. Baron József Eötvös (1813–1871)
3/5. Mihály Vörösmarty (1800–1855)
4/3. Count László Teleki (1811–1861)
5/5. Mihály Vörösmarty (1800–1855)
6/6. Sándor Petõfi (1823–1849)
7/7. Mihály Mosonyi (1815–1870)
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation Piano (solo)

Misc. Comments

Section Listing

  1. Stephan Széchenyi / Széchenyi István (= S.205/1, S.205a/1)
  2. Joseph Eötvös / Eötvös József (= S.205/2, S.205a/4)
  3. Michael Vörösmarty / Vörösmarty Mihály (= S.205/3, S.205a/5)
  4. Ladislaus Teleki / Teleki László (= S.205/4, S.205a/3)
  5. Franz Deák / Deák Ferenc (= S.205/5, S.205a/5)
  6. Alexander Petõfi / Petõfi Sándor (= S.205/6, S.205a/6)
    Originally composed in 1877 as Dem Andenken Petöfis, S.195
  7. Michael Mosonyi / Mosonyi Mihály (= S.205/7, S.205a/7)
    Originally composed in 1870 as Mosonyis Grabgeleit, S.194

Version History

  • Composed for solo piano, 1885 (= S.205)
Published 1956 in the journal Új zenei szemle (Budapest)
  • Revised with altered sequence and new conclusion, 1885 (= S.205a)
Version not published
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