IMSLP:Ordering a Reprint from the Petrucci-Merton Booklet Service

Users can order printed scores made from an IMSLP file from the Petrucci-Merton Booklet Service, located in the UK. Petrucci-Merton Booklet Service (PMBS) is offering to make booklets ready for the music stand on 100gsm A3 (297 x 420 mm) paper of any eligible music in the Petrucci Library. Please note that PMBS is an independent entity founded by Theo Wyatt, now run by Jem Bradley, and is not a subsidiary or division of Project Petrucci, LLC.


1. Your name,
2. Your full postal address, and
3. the address, if different, to which you want the music to be posted.
  • Then for each work you choose give the following particulars:
4. Composer
5. Title of work
6. IMSLP index number
This is found on the work page beneath the "Parts" tab immediately after a description such as “Complete parts” or “Violin part” and is a usually five-or-six digit number, preceded by a hash sign (#). If a work is divided into multiple files you need quote only one reference number, to enable us to be sure we are copying the right work.
7. Number of pages
  • The reference number is followed by the file size in megabytes, and then by a figure for the number of pages. Quote this number, or the sum of all the numbers if the work is in more than one file. We will normally supply one copy of each instrumental part. For orchestral works you will need multiple copies of string parts and perhaps of some wind parts. Please specify carefully your requirements for each instrument.
  • You will receive by e-mail an invoice with asking to arrange a bank transfer in sterling (GBP). Music will be posted within three working days of receipt of payment.


  • Price is £0.125 per page of music including postage and packing in the UK.
  • Customers outside the UK will be charged the equivalent amount per page based on current exchange rates with additional postage costs as appropriate.
    There is for all currencies a minimum charge per order equivalent to 5.00 GBP. Please contact for a quote.


We reproduce exactly what is on the Petrucci site with only one modification: to maximise legibility we reduce extra-wide margins leaving a minimum of about 10mm. If the original is skewed, offcentre, dirty, faint, incomplete or covered with the previous owner's fingering it stays that way. Before ordering you must examine pages throughout the work to ensure it is all usable. Parts are stapled. If the Petrucci file included a cover it will be printed. Bulky piano parts will consist of separate folded fascicles, of 24 pages or less, in a separate cover. Scores will be comb bound with a 160gsm cover and will be A4 size (210 x 297 mm).

Copyright laws are messy and anomalous and particularly onerous for us in the European Union, but they do have to be observed. We must therefore ask you not to order copies of works described on the work page as “Non-PD EU”. Note that the chamber works which form the Merton Music Project is now owned and distributed, often in an improved version, by Ourtext and these works should be ordered from its website by following the link from the work page.


Music will be posted from Manchester at Printed Paper rate. To destinations outside Europe the Post Office can send it by sea, but in our experience it almost invariably goes by air. PMBS aims to post it within three days of receipt of an order, but if there is likely to be a longer delay the invoice will warn you.


IMSLP does not control any part of the publishing process, and therefore all questions should be directed to

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