Julius Hainauer

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Founded eponymously in ca.1852 by Julius Hainauer (1827–1897), described in a recent source as a bookseller, publisher, vendor and city councillor. (Till van Rahden, Jews and other Germans: civil society, religious diversity, and urban politics in Breslau, 1860-1925.) (May have been purchased from Förster and Michaeli of Breslau in 1851? See Handlexikon der Tonkunst.)

The main composers in the catalog were Moritz Moszkowski, Eduard Poldini, Jenö Hubai, Adolf Jensen, Josef Casimir Hofmann, Edward MacDowell, Antonín Dvořák, Theodor Kirchner, Thekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska and several other Polish composers, since Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland) was in Silesia, close to the Polish-speaking areas (later the Polish Republic 1919-39). Most of the items could be classified as Salon-music: piano pieces, dances, songs, chamber music and arrangements of operatic pieces. Output was very vigorous; according to HMB over 2500 items were published between 1830 and 1900.

The firm also published quite a number, of non-musical publications at least between 1857 and 1871 (dates chosen because works are known to have been published then. Guessing they could be extended in the futureward direction.)

In the 1930s the firm closed. First the retail music shop was sold to a competitor in 1933, then in 1934 the firm was struck off the register of publishers (Adreßbuch des Deutschen Buchhandels) because it was non-aryan. Finally it disappeared from the stock market list in 1938.

From "German Exile Publishers":

"Ernst Julius Hainauer (1901-1960s) founded the music publishing house Julius Hainauer Ltd. in London in 1936 ... Hainauer had been active in music publishing in Breslau before fleeing to the United Kingdom after the Machtergreifung." (seizure of political power by the Nazis, 1933.) He also worked for Richard Schauer Music Publishers (see Anton J. Benjamin page). After his death in the mid '60s his widow Alice Hainauer continued the business Hainauer Ltd.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Hainauer
  • Jules Hainauer
  • Julius Hainauer
  • Verlag von Julius Hainauer
  • London Hainauer Gevelsberg/Westf. Spies (after 1936)


  • Mostly based in Breslau, from ca.1852?-odd? until ? - 1933
  • London (1936-on)

Important Publications


Plate Numbers

Most Hainauer plate number include the initials J. #### H. employed as a prefix and suffix. Sometimes J.H. is found as a prefix.
Plate Composer Work Name Year
0451 Herrmann Die Wacht am Rhein, Op.16 1865
0554 Faust Neue Tänze für Piano zu vier Händen, Op.142 1866
0667–68 Lassen Symphony No.1 in D major (f.s., parts) 1868
0864 Zikoff Amusement-Quadrille, Op.52 1870
0908 Spindler Elfentanz, Op.211 1870
0953 Liszt Gaudeamus igitur, S.240 (reissue of 1843 Schuhmann ed.) 1870
1117 Parlow Variations on a Russian Folksong, Op.150 (parts) 1872
1161 Jensen Idylls, Op.43 (no.1) 1873
1209, 1963 Jensen Hochzeitsmusik, Op.45 1873
1247 Jensen Ländler aus Berchtesgaden, Op.46 1874
1353 Jensen 7 Lieder von Robert Burns, Op.49 1874
1397 Hofmann String Sextet, Op.25 (parts) 1874
1499 Jensen Donald Caird ist wieder da, Op.54 1875
1527 Moszkowski Caprice, Op.4 1875
1541 Faust Da bin ich, Op.253 (piano version) 1875
1766-67 Lassen Musik zu Goethes Faust, Op.57 (vocal score) 1877
1773 Moszkowski 3 Piano Pieces, Op.11 1876
1818 Jensen Abendmusik, Op.59 1877
1868 Lassen Musik zu Goethes Faust, Op.57 (polonaise, 2T.N.3) 1877
1877 Lassen 6 Lieder, Op.59 1877
1890 Lassen 6 Lieder, Op.60 1877
1902 Moszkowski 6 Piano Pieces, Op.15 1877
2016 Moszkowski Johanna d'Arc, Op.19 (arr. piano 4-hands) 1878
2034 Lassen Grosse polonaise, Op.63 (orig.pf vers.) 1879
2388–89 Moszkowski 2 Piano Pieces, Op.27 1881
2437 Moszkowski 3 Pieces for Cello and Piano, Op.29 1882
2439 Scholz Contrapuntal Variations on a Gavotte by Handel, Op.54 1882
2478 Bohm Kosender Falter, Op.282 1882
2593 Scholz Ständchen an eine Verlassene, Op.58 (1st ed.) 1883
2613 Lassen Symphonisches Zwischenspiel (Intermezzo), Op.77 (pf arr. Liszt) 1883
2645 Lassen Symphony No.2, Op.78 (full score) 1883/84?
2648–49 MacDowell 2 Phantasiestücke, Op.17 1884
2650–51 MacDowell 2 Stücke, Op.18 1884
2692 Bohm Piano Trio, Op.313 1884
2713 Moszkowski Aus aller Herren Länder, Op.23 (arr. for orchestra) 1884
2757 MacDowell 3 Poems, Op.20 1886
2758 MacDowell Moon-Pictures, Op.21 1886
2796 Scholz Symphony No.1, Op.60 1885
2803 MacDowell Hamlet and Ophelia, Op.22 (pf. 4h) 1885
2823 Huber Serenade, Op.86 'Sommernächte' (f.s) 1886
2839 Bohm Konzertstück, Op.335 1885
2849 MacDowell Hamlet and Ophelia, Op.22 (f.s.) 1885
2863 Noskowski Das Meerauge, Op.19 (full score) 1886
2865 Noskowski Morskie Oko, Op.19 (pf 4h red.) 1886
2889 Bird Symphony, Op.8 (pf 4h red.) 1886
2902 Bird 3 characteristische Märsche, Op.11 1886
2933 Bird Introduction et Fugue, Op.16 1887
2940 Bird Carnival Scene, Op.5 (f.s.) 1887
2957 MacDowell 6 Idyls after Goethe, Op.28 1887
2958 MacDowell 4 Stücke, Op.24 1887
3040 MacDowell 6 Poems after Heine, Op.31 1887
3193 Bird 2 Poesien, Op.25 1888
3206–08 MacDowell Lancelot and Elaine, Op.25 (f.s, pf4hred., parts) 1888
3210 MacDowell Romanze, Op.35 (f.s.) 1888
3219 Lassen Violin Concerto, Op.87 (vn/pf red.) 1888
3222 MacDowell Marionettes, Op.38 (1st ed.) 1888
3250 Bird Theme varié, Op.27 1889
3260 MacDowell 3 Songs, Op.33 1889
3370 Huber Piano Trio No.3, Op.105 (sc&pts) 1890
3380 Hubay Blumenleben, Op.30 (No.1) 1890
3424 Moszkowski Suite d'Orchestre No.2, Op.47 (pf4h arr.) 1890
3669 Sjögren Violin Sonata No.2, Op.24 1889
3756 Hubay Ataïr, Op.47 1894
3835 Glass Violin Sonata, Op.7 1895
3838–39 Stenhammar String Quartet No.1, Op.2 (score,parts) 1895
3868 Fabian, Georg Berceuse for violin, Op.15 1895
3894–98 Poldini 5 Genrestücke, Op.12 1896
4326 Poldini Studies on a Schubert Impromptu 1902
4386–91 Poldini Blumen, Op.39 1903
4418 Poldini Elfengeschichtchen, Op.40 1904
4781 Moszkowski 6 Piano Pieces, Op.83 1909
4806–12 Poldini 7 Masken, Op.44 1910
4956 Kaun String Quartet No.4, Op.114 1921
4984 Erfurt, Wilhelm Lieder, Op.26 No.2 1931

K.H.M. series

Plate Composer Work Year
K.H.M. 2015 Bird Zweite kleine Suite, Op.6 (pf. 4h) 1886

(This was probably a Copenhagen Musikhandel plate, which explains the KHM, and not a Hainauer plate at all, actually. Publishers often do mutual projects in this way... Another major project was with Nordisk Musikforlag of Christiania/Oslo, in which they seem to have co-published? a number of major and minor works of Wilhelm Stenhammar which received further distribution thereby (the plates being NKM plates, however, not JH, though Hofmeisters Monatsberichte invariably lists these as Hainauer productions- and modern library catalogs, along with workpages on this site, as Nordisk Musikforlag. Which might produce a bit of confusion. Stenhammar's 1st quartet appears to have received both pairs of plates, so its Hainauer plates are listed below. Anyway, to the main incomplete plate table.


Authority control

  • VIAF (Hainauer, Julius - personal)
  • VIAF (Hainauer, Julius - corporate)