Opera intitulata Fontegara (Ganassi, Sylvestro)

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Publisher. Info. Venice: Sylvestro Ganassi, 1535.
Misc. Notes RISM A/I: G 325
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PDF scanned by Unknown
Feduol (2015/2/15)

Editor Hildemarie Peter (1921-)
Language English
Translator Dorothy Swainson (1882-1959)
Publisher. Info. Berlin-Lichterfelde: Robert Lienau Musikverlag, 1959.
Reprinted Berlin: Robert Lienau Musikverlag, 1997. Plate RL 16370.
Misc. Notes English translation based on German edition published in 1956.

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General Information

Work Title Opera intitulata Fontegara
Alternative. Title Opera intitulata Fontegara, la guale insegna a sonare di flauto chon tutta l'arte opportuna a esso istrumento massime il diminuire il guale sara utile ad ogni istrumento di fiato et chorde: et anchora a chi si dileta di canto.
Composer Ganassi, Sylvestro
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
First Publication. 1535
Language Italian
Dedication Andrea Gritti (1455-1538)
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Renaissance
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation recorder

Misc. Comments

Treatise on playing the recorder and ornamentation, published in Venice 1535. Information on the source of the scan is lacking. There are some minor differences from the Forni Facsimile Edition (based on the Bologna copy), compare f.ex. page 72 (added page numbers), nr 5 bar 5, or compare in general the "contamination" on the pages, of which there is less in the Forni/Bologna edition.

Treatise on playing the recorder and diminution.