List of works by August Wilhelmj

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Original Compositions

  • Orchestra
Hymne for small Orchestra (manuscript)
Huldigungs-Marsch (manuscript)
Legende (manuscript)
Meeresfahrt (manuscript)
Ouverture for small Orchestra (manuscript)
Symphonische Variationen über das Lied 'Trockene Blumen' von Schubert (manuscript)
Ungarische Rhapsodie (manuscript)
  • Violin and Orchestra (or Piano)
Alla Polacca (1884, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Fantasiestück (1877, Schott, Mainz)
In Memoriam (1883, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Polonaise - simplified version of Polacca (1892, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Romanze, Op.10 (1873, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Violin Concerto (manuscript)
  • Violin and Piano
Albumblatt (1905, Bosworth, Leipzig)
Andante quasi fantasia (Pitt and Hatzfeld Edition Chanot, London)
Hymne (Norsk Musikforlag, Christiania, 1913)
Schwedische Melodie (1890, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Theme varie - Souvenir d'Amerique (1891, Schlesinger, Berlin)
  • Violin solo
Cadenzas to Beethoven's Violin Concerto (1886, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Cadenza to Paganini's Violin Concerto No.1, Op.6 (Senff, Leipzig)
Terzen-Etüde after Beethoven's Violin Concerto (1898, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Terzen-Etüde after Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto (1898, Schlesinger, Berlin)
  • Piano
Gavotte (Gebethner)
  • Songs for Voice and Piano
6 Lieder (1878, Peters, Leipzig)
  1. Beim Abschied (Dickmann)
  2. Ich liebe dich (Dickmann)
  3. Hör' ich das Liedchen klingen (Heinrich Heine)
  4. So hast du ganz und gar vergessen (Heinrich Heine)
  5. Sirenengesang (Heinrich Heine)
  6. Fischermädchen (Heinrich Heine)
An die Lerche (Ernst Moritz Arndt) (1884, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Loreley (Heinrich Heine) (1887, Schlesinger, Berlin)
Gruß an den Rhein (1888, Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig)
2 Liebeslieder (Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig)
  1. An deine schneeweiße Schulter (Heinrich Heine)
  2. Wenn ich in deine Augen seh! (Heinrich Heine)

Arrangements, Paraphrases and Transcriptions

Johann Sebastian Bach

  1. Presto from Partita BWV 1006
  2. Loure from Partita BWV 1006
  3. Menuet from Partita BWV 1006
  4. Gavotte from Partita BWV 1006
  1. Sarabande from English Suite BWV 808
  2. Gavotte from English Suite BWV 808
  3. Musette from English Suite BWV 808
  • 3 Sarabanden for Violin and Piano (1885, Schlesinger, Berlin)
  1. Sarabande from English Suite BWV 809
  2. Sarabande from Partita BWV 1004
  3. Sarabande from English Suite BWV 807

Frederic Chopin

  • Version for Violin and Orchestra or Piano (1883, Kistner, Leipzig)

Ferdinand David

  • Violin Concerto, Op.35 for Violin and Orchestra or Piano (1888, Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig)

Antonin Dvorak


Percy Grainger

  • Melodie danoise (d'apres Grainger) for Violin and Piano (1907, Schott, Mainz)

Georg Friedrich Händel

Adolf Jensen

Ferdinand Laub

Karl Lipinski

Franz Liszt

Pietro Mascagni

  • Prelude and Siciliana to 'Cavalleria Rusticana' for Violin and Piano (1891, Bote & Bock, Berlin)

Gustav Adolf Merkel

Moritz Moszkowski

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Niccolo Paganini

  1. Air
  2. Marsch (based on Caprices Op.1/14 and 19)
  3. Barcarole (based on Caprice Op.1/13)
  4. Romanze from Violin Concerto No.1 (1904)
  5. Moto perpetuo (based on Moto Perpetuo Op.11) (1904)

Joachim Raff

Anton Rubinstein

  • Violin Concerto, Op.46 for Violin and Orchestra or Piano (Rubinstein's dislike of Wilhelmj's version is mentioned in Goby Eberhardt's autobiography)

Francois Schubert

Franz Schubert

Robert Schumann

Louis Spohr

Zygmunt Stojowski

  • Melodie, Op.1 for Violin and Piano (1907, Schott, Mainz)

Peter Tchaikowsky

  • Canzonetta from Violin Concerto, Op.35 (1910, Schott, Mainz)

Richard Wagner

Revised Editions

These Editions contain fingering and phrasing by Wilhelmj.

Johann Sebastian Bach

  • Concerto for 2 Violins (1905, Schott, Mainz)

Antonio Bazzini

Ludwig van Beethoven

  • Romanze, Op.40 for Violin and Piano (1883, Schott, Mainz)
  • Romanze, Op.50 for Violin and Piano (1883, Schott, Mainz)
  • Kreutzer-Sonate for Violin and Piano (1899, Schlesinger, Berlin)
  • Violin Concerto, Op.61 (Schott, Mainz)

Charles-Auguste de Beriot

  • Andante et Rondo russe from Violin Concerto No.2, Op.32 (1904, Schott, Mainz)
  • Scene de Ballet, Op.100 (1901, Schlesinger, Berlin)
  • Violin Concerto No.7, Op.76 (1904, Schott, Mainz)
  • Violin Concerto No.9, Op.104 (1901, Schlesinger, Berlin)

Georg Bruhns

  • Legende for Violin and Piano (1919, Bruhns, New York)

Paul Colberg

Ferdinand David

  • Andante e Scherzo capriccioso, Op.16 (1904, Schott, Mainz)

Louis Eller

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst

  • Elegie, Op.10 with Introduction by Spohr (1907, Schott, Mainz)
  • Fantaisie sur la Marche et la Romance d'Otello, Op.11 (1898, Schott, Mainz)
  • Ungarische Weisen, Op.22 (1904, Schott, Mainz)
  • Violin Concerto, Op.23 (1904, Schott, Mainz)
  • Erlkönig, Op.26 for Violin solo (Schott, Mainz)
  • Letzte Rose for Violin solo (Schott, Mainz)

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

  • Violin Concerto, Op.64 (Schott, Mainz)
  • Andante from Violin Concerto, Op.64 (Schott, Mainz)

Niccolo Paganini

  • La Campanella from Violin Concerto No.2, Op.7 (Schott, Mainz)

Raymond Roze

Anton Rubinstein

  • Romance No.1, Op.44 (Schott, London)

Pablo de Sarasate

  • Zigeunerweisen, Op.20 for Violin and Piano (1906, Senff, Leipzig)

Franz Schubert

  • Rondeau brillant op.70 for Violin and Piano (1899, Schlesinger, Berlin)

Johan Svendsen

  • Romance op.26 for Violin and Piano (Schott, London)

Peter Tchaikowsky

  1. Meditation
  2. Scherzo
  3. Melodie

Henri Vieuxtemps

  • Adagio religioso from Violin Concerto No.4, Op.31 (1904, Andre, Offenbach)

Henry Wieniawski

  • Romanze from Violin Concerto No.2, Op.22 (1910, Schott, Mainz)
  • Alla Zingara from Violin Concerto No.2, Op.22 (1910, Schott, Mainz)

Richard Wüerst

  • Violin Concerto, Op.37 for Violin and Piano (1880, Peters, Leipzig)
    Altmann mentions in his Orchesterführer that the 1880 edition was edited by Wilhelmj

Alexander Zarzycki

Violin School

Additionally Wilhelmj and Brown published 17 books containing arrangements or revised editions of famous works for violin and piano. All published by Novello.

  • Arrangement of 12 Folk-Dances from Denmark (Plate: 11043)
  • Tartini: Sonata in g-minor (1900, Plate: 11073)
  • Arrangement of Händel: Ouverture to Samson (1900, Plate: 11086)
  • Schubert: Sonatina in D (1901, Plate: 11087)
  • Arrangement of 8 Hymn-Tunes (Plate: 11096)
  • Arrangement of Lachner: Styrian Dances, Op.165 (1900, Plate: 11097)
  • J.S.Bach: Prelude and Fugue g-minor for Violin solo (1903, Plate: 11098)
  • Haydn: Sonata in G No.8 (1901, Plate: 11099)
  • J.S.Bach: Concerto in a-minor (1902, Plate: 11101)
  • Rode: Concerto in a-minor No.7, Op.9 (1901, Plate: 11133)
  • 12 Christmas Carols (Plate: 11134)
  • Mozart: Sonata in A (1902, Plate: 11152)
  • Vieuxtemps: Reverie (1901, Plate: 11161)
  • Arrangement of Pleyel: 4 Little Pieces from Op.8 (Plate: 11163)
  • Leclair: Sarabande and Tambourin (1901, Plate: 11171)
  • Arrangement of J.S.Bach: Bourree and Gigue (1901, Plate: 11232)
  • Vieuxtemps: Ballade and Polonaise, Op.38 (1903, Plate: 11254)