List of works by Auguste Franchomme

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This list is manually maintained, therefore some of the available pieces may not yet be linked from this page. For an automatically generated alphabetical list of all available pieces, please see Category:Franchomme, Auguste.


  • Hofmeister - poor source for works probably first published in France, gives generally a much too late estimate for "first" date of publication
  • BNF - French National Library Catalogue, has many Franchomme manuscripts listed

Works with Opus number

  • Op.1,
  • Op.2, Variations pour violoncelle et orchestre. (pub. by Janet et Cotelle. Incomplete ms., and published parts @ BNF)
  • Op.3,
  • Op.4, Variations pour violoncelle et quatuor ( Janet et Cotelle)
  • Op.5,
  • Op.6, Variations sur des Thèmes Russes et Écossais (for Cello Solo, String Quartet and Bass)
  • Op.7, 12 Caprices for Cello
  • Op.8, 3 Récréations pour le violoncelle avec accompagnement de piano. ( Bernard Latte)
  • Op.9, Fantaisie on “Le Chant d’adieux”
  • Op.10, Romance for Cello and Strings
  • Op.11,
  • Op.12, Sérénade (serenade for cello and piano)
  • Op.13,
  • Op.14, 3 Nocturnes for cello and piano
  • Op.15, Nocturnes
No.1 Nocturne for 2 Cellos in C minor
No.3 Nocturne for 2 Cellos in A major
  • Op.16,
  • Op.17,
  • Op.18, 3 Solos pour le violoncelle avec accompagnement de piano (pub. by Lemoine)
  • Op.19,
  • Op.20,
  • Op.21, "Adagio et Bolero" pour violoncelle et orchestre (manuscript parts @ BNF)
  • Op.22,
  • Op.23,
  • Op.24, 3 Caprices
  • Op.25,
  • Op.26, Air auvergnat varié in A minor
  • Op.27,
  • Op.28,
  • Op.29, Adagio en sol, pour violoncelle principal et orchestre (manuscript @ BNF)
  • Op.30,
  • Op.31, "Semiramis"/Sémiramide. Fantaisie sur l'opéra de Rossini, pour violoncelle et orchestre (manuscript score, 14pp, @ BNF. Published (cello and piano reduction) by Schonenberger in 1844. See also digital upload at Goethe University Frankfurt.)
  • Op.32, 2nd Air russe varié
  • Op.33, Cello Concerto No.1 in C minor
  • Op.34, Grande valse : morceau de concert pour le violoncelle avec accomp[agnement] d'orchestre... (Fleisher & BNF have this, the latter as autograph ms)
  • Op.35, 12 Etudes for Cello (also for 2 cellos or cello and piano)
  • Op.36, Fantasy on a Theme by Händel for Cello and Chamber Orchestra
  • Op.37,
  • Op.38,
  • Op.39, Fantaisie on a melody by Schubert
  • Op.40, Fantaisie sur 'La flûte enchantée' de Mozart
  • Op.41, Meditation
  • Op.42,Morceau de Concert sur des Mélodies de Chopin
  • Op.43, Franchomme's opus number for his arrangement of one of Chopin's Preludes, Op.28
  • Op.44, Fantaisie sur 'Don Giovanni' de Mozart
  • Op.45, Fantaisie sur 'Joconde' de Nicolo
  • Op.46, Caprice sur des airs écossais pour violoncelle avec accompagnement de piano (pub. by Brandus)
  • Op.55, ?? (but by Breitkopf & Härtel, by 1847)

without Opus numbers

  • Grand duo concertant sur des thèmes de Robert le diable, B.70 (Chopin, Frédéric) In 1833, Chopin and Franchomme collaborated to write a Grand Duo Concertant for piano and cello, based on themes from Giacomo Meyerbeer’s opera Robert the Devil.
  • Franchomme transcribed Mozart's and Beethoven's violin sonatas for violoncello and piano, as well as Chopin's nocturnes and preludes
  • Numerous songs and cello works in manuscript in the collection of the French National Library.
    • E.g. The song Non tu n'as pas quitté mes yeux (June 1850) has been digitized by them (further reproduction very explicitly prohibited, but can be viewed here.)
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