List of works by Achille Simonetti

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The table below gives the following information (where applicable):

  • Op — Works with Opus number.
  • WoO Works without Opus number.
  • Title — as used on IMSLP.
  • Key — the principal key of the work.
  • Genre — as used by IMSLP's categorization system.
  • Scoring — the instrumentation used.
  • Date — the year(s) of composition or arrangement, where known.
  • Publisher — the company that published the work first.
  • Notes — concerning related works, completeness, authorship, etc.

Sources include

Op Title Key Genre Scoring Date Publisher Notes
004 Piccola-Polka di Concerto Piano works piano 1866 Milano: Ricordi
008 Souvenir de Valencia. Boléro Chamber works violin, piano 1894 Leipzig: Hatzfeld arr. by A. Simonetti.
009 Violin Sonata No.2 C major Chamber works violin, piano 1894 Nice: Paul Decourcelle
012 Scènes montagnardes C major Chamber works violin, piano 1894
014 String Quartet No.1 D minor Chamber works strings 1904 Nice: Paul Decourcelle
016 String Quartet No.2 B♭ major Chamber works strings 1904
021 Lu Mazzetto de Sciure. Canzone napolitana. Piano works piano 1868 Milano: Ricordi
Allegretto Romantico D minor Chamber works viola, piano 1897 London: Hill & Sons Title is more properly Allegretto romantico.
Andante melancolique Chamber works violin (or violoncello), piano
Ballata C minor Chamber works viola, piano 1897
Berceuse Chamber works violin, piano
Canzonetta Chamber works violin, piano
Capriccio Chamber works violin, piano London: Ricordi
Caprice-Mazurka Piano works piano
3 Character Pieces Piano works piano
Delizie popolari. Album di 6 Pezzi
  1. Mio povero core. Il Pugnaletto.
  2. Allora ed oggi. Dimmi na vota si.
  3. Non m’amara.
  4. Lu Passaricllo. La Festa di Piedigrotta.
  5. La Rosa. Terèca l’anne passano.
  6. Il Sogno.
Piano works piano 1867 Milano: Ricordi
Elegia Chamber works violoncello, piano
En fuite, Caprice Chamber works violin (or violoncello), piano 1892 Nice: Paul Decourcelle
Furlana, Italian Dance Chamber works violin, piano
Madrigale D major Chamber works violin, piano 1901
Mazurka G major Chamber works violin, piano 1892 London: Stanley Lucas, Weber & Co.
Minuetto Chamber works violin, piano
Notturnino Chamber works violin, piano
3 Pieces
  1. Cavatina (A).
  2. Seconde Mazurka (Am.).
  3. Moment musical.
Chamber works violin, piano 1899 Mainz: Schott The Cavatina was arranged and published in 1906 by Augener for cello and piano as a separate item.
Quartet D major Chamber works 2 violins, viola, cello Incomplete? See I.Raf 8.C.10.1.
Rêverie Chamber works violin, piano 1897 Leipzig: Hatzfeld
Romanza F major Chamber works violin, piano 1897 Milano: Ricordi
Romanzetta Chamber works violin, piano
Ronde joyeuse Orchestral works string orchestra
Sérénade Orchestral works string orchestra
Sonata No. 1 B minor Chamber works violin, piano