List of works by Albert Roussel

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Opus No. Title Forces Date Performance Category Notes
Op.1 Des heures passent... Piano 1898 Chamber
Op.2 Piano Trio Violin, Cello, Piano 1902, rev.1927 Chamber
Op.3 4 Poèmes Voice, Piano 1903 Vocal (solo)
Op.4 Résurrection 1903 Orchestral Subtitled 'Prélude symphonique'.
Conte à la poupée Piano 1904 Chamber
Op.5 Rustiques Piano 1904-6 Chamber
Op.6 Divertissement Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Piano 1906 Chamber
Op.7 Symphony No.1 1904-6 Orchestral Subtitled 'Le poème de la forêt'.
Op.8 4 Poèmes Voice, Piano 1907 Vocal (solo)
Op.9 La ménace Mezzo-Soprano, Piano (or Orchestra) 1907-8 Vocal (solo)
Op.10 Flammes Voice, Piano 1908 Vocal (solo)
Op.11 Violin Sonata No.1 Violin, Piano 1907-8, rev.1931 Chamber
Op.12 2 Poèmes chinois Voice, Piano 1907-1908 Vocal (solo)
Op.13 Le Marchand de Sable qui Passe 1908 Incidental
Op.14 Suite en fa dièse Piano 1909-10 Chamber
Op.15 Evocations Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Chorus, Orchestra 1910-11 Choral
Op.16 Sonatine Piano 1912 Chamber
Op.17 Le festin de l’araignée 1912 Ballet
Petit canon perpétuel Piano 1913 Chamber
Op.18 Padmâvatî 1914-8 Operatic
Op.18 Padmâvatî Suite No.1 1918 Orchestral
Op.18 Padmâvatî Suite No.2 1918 Orchestral
Op.19 2 Mélodies Voice, Piano 1918 Vocal (solo)
Op.20 2 Mélodies Voice, Piano 1919 Vocal (solo)
Doute Piano 1919 Chamber
Op.21 Impromptu Harp 1919 Chamber
Op.22 Pour une fête de printemps 1920 Orchestral Subtitled 'Poème symphonique'.
L’accueil des muses Piano 1920 Chamber Subtitled 'Écrit pour le tombeau de C. A. Debussy'.
Op.23 Symphony No.2 1919-21 Orchestral
Fanfare pour un sacre païen 4 Trumpets, Timpani (original); 4 Horns, 4 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Timpani (revised) 1921, rev. 1941 Band
Op.24 La naissance de la lyre 1923-4 Operatic
Op.25 Madrigal aux muses 2 Sopranos, Contralto 1923 Choral
Op.26 2 Poèmes de Ronsard Voice, Flute 1924 Vocal (solo)
Op.27 Joueurs de Flûte Flute, Piano 1924 Chamber
Op.28 Violin Sonata No.2 Violin, Piano 1924 Chamber
Duo for Bassoon and Contrabass Bassoon, Contrabass (or Cello) 1925 Chamber
Op.29 Segovia Guitar 1925 Chamber
Op.30 Sérénade for flute, string trio, and harp Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp 1925 Chamber
Le Bardit des francs Male Chorus, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, 1 Tuba, Percussion 1926 Choral
Op.31 Odes anacréontiques Voice, Piano 1926 Vocal (solo)
Op.32 Odes anacréontiques Voice, Piano 1926 Vocal (solo)
Op.33 Suite 1926 Orchestral
Op.34 Concert for small orchestra 1926-7 Orchestral
Op.35 2 Poèmes chinois Voice, Piano 1927 Vocal (solo)
Vocalise No.1 Voice, Piano 1927 Vocal (solo)
Sarabande for the ballet L'eventail de Jeanne 1927 Incidental
Op.36 Piano Concerto, Op.36 (Roussel, Albert) Piano, Orchestra 1927 Concertante
Op.37 Psalm 80 Tenor, Chorus, Orchestra 1928 Choral
Vocalise No.2 Voice, Piano 1928 Vocal (solo) This work exists in numerous arrangements substituting various wind instruments for voice.
O bon vin, où as-tu crû Voice, Piano 1928 Vocal (solo)
Op.38 Jazz dans la nuit Voice, Piano 1928 Vocal (solo)
Op.39 Petit suite Small Orchestra 1929 Orchestral
Op.40 Trio for Flute, Viola and Cello Flute, Viola, Cello 1929 Chamber
Op.41 Prelude and Fughetta Organ 1929 Chamber
Op.42 Symphony No.3 1929-30 Orchestral
Op.43 Bacchus et Ariane 1930 Ballet
A Flower given to my Daughter Voice, Piano 1931 Vocal (solo)
Op.44 2 Idylles Voice, Piano 1931-41 Vocal (solo)
Op.45 String Quartet in D Major 2 Violins, Viola, Cello 1931-2 Chamber
Op.46 Prélude et fugue Piano 1932-4 Chamber
Op.47 2 Poèmes chinois Voice, Piano 1932 Vocal (solo)
Op.48 A Glorious Day Military Band 1932 Band
Le testament de la tante Caroline 1932-3 Operatic
Op.49 3 Pièces Piano 1933 Chamber
Op.50 2 Mélodies Voice, Piano 1933-4 Vocal (solo)
Op.51 Andante et scherzo Flute, Piano 1934 Chamber
Pipe in D Flageolet (pipeau), Piano 1934 Chamber
Op.52 Sinfonietta Orchestra (String) 1934 Orchestral
Op.53 Symphony No.4 Orchestra 1934 Orchestral
Op.54 Aenéas Orchestra 1935 Ballet
Op.55 2 Mélodies Voice, Piano 1935 Vocal (solo)
Op.56 Rapsodie flamande Orchestra 1936 Orchestral
Prélude (à 2ème acte) (from Le quatorze juillet) Orchestra 1936 Incidental
Op.57 Concertino pour violoncelle et orchestre Cello, Orchestra 1936 Concertante
Op.58 String Trio Violin, Viola, Cello 1937 Chamber
Andante d'un Trio d'Anches Inachevé Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon 1937 Chamber
Op.59 Elpénor Flute, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Narrator 1937 Incidental