List of works by Johann David Heinichen

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SeiH HauH Title Key Scoring Date Sources Notes
01 Missa No.01 D major 1721
02 Missa No.04 D major 1722
02a Missa Brevis D major 2nd version of Missa No.4
03 Missa No.06 D major 1724
04 Missa No.08 D major 1725, May
05 Missa No.09 D major 1726, Nov.
06 Missa No.11 D major 1726, Nov.
07 Missa No.12 D major 1729, Mar.
08 Missa No.07 D major
09 Missa D major
ZWV Title Key Scoring Date Notes
0211 Concerto C major Solo recorder, 3 recoders, strings, basso continuo
0212 Oboe concerto A minor oboe, strings, basso continuo
0213 Concerto G major 2 flutes, 2 oboes, chalumeau, recorder, strings, basso continuo
0214 Concerto G major 2 oboes, violin, strings, basso continuo
0215 Concerto G major 2 recorders, 2 oboes, 2 violin, strings, basso continuo
0216 Oboe concerto G major oboe, strings, basso continuo
0217 Concerto G major 2 flutes, 2 violin, 2 cello, 2 bassoon, 2 oboe ripieno, strings, basso continuo
0218 Concerto G major flute, violin, strings, basso continuo