List of works by Johann Strauss Jr.

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Works with Opus number

Opus 1 - 99

Opus 100 - 199

Opus 200 - 299

Opus 300 - 399

Opus 400 - 479




  • Aschenbrödel (Cinderella) (1899)

Other works

  • Balletmusik from Ritter Pásmán
  • Csárdás from Ritter Pásmán
  • Eva-Walzer from Ritter Pásmán
  • Fischerchor and March from Ritter Pásmán
  • Großes Potpourri from Ritter Pásmán
  • Pásmán-Walzer from Ritter Pásmán
  • Pásmán-Polka from Ritter Pásmán
  • Quadrille from Ritter Pásmán
  • 6 small Rondos (Kinderstücke) on motives from Ritter Pásmán
  • Hinter den Coulissen (with Josef)
  • Monstre-Quadrille (with Josef)
  • Pizzicato-Polka (with Josef)
  • Quadrille nach Motiven der Oper Des Teufels Anteil
  • Schützen-Quadrille (with Josef & Eduard)
  • Trifolien, Walzer (with Josef & Eduard)
  • Vaterländischer Marsch (with Josef)
  • Abschieds-Walzer
  • Ischler-Walzer