List of works by John Philip Sousa

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Title Year Lyricist Work type Notes
Mallic ? J. W. Heysinger Song
My Sweet Sweetheart ? Jack Nilpon Song
Sea Nymph ? B. P. Wilmot Song
? James Adams Song
Fall Tenderly, Roses 1860s John Philip Sousa Song
An Album Leaf 1863 Piece for violin
Moonlight on the Potomac 1872 Waltz
Cuckoo Galop 1873 Galop
Day and Night 1873 Emma M. Swallow Song
Review 1873 March
Salutation 1873 March
Wilt Thou Be True 1873 E. Cook Song
O, My Country 1874 B. Lowlaws Song
Te Deum In B 1874 Hymn
1874 Emma M. Swallow Song
Phoenix The Phoenix 1875 Vocal piece
Phoenix The Phoenix March 1875 March
On Wings of Lightning 1876 Galop
Ah, Me! 1876 Emma M. Swallow Song
Matt Morgan’s Living Pictures 1876 Vocal piece
Only a Dream 1876 Mary A. Denison Song
Only Thee 1876 Charles Swain Song
Revival March 1876 March
Honoured The Honored Dead 1876 March
Song The Song of the Sea 1876 Emma M. Swallow Song
Myrrha 1877 Gavotte
’Deed I Has to Laugh 1877 John Philip Sousa Song
Across the Danube 1877 March
Hoping 1877 Jefferson H. Nones Song
Lonely 1877 Jefferson H. Nones Song
Love Me Little, Love Me Long 1877 John Philip Sousa Song
Rivals 1877 Overture
Free The Free Lunch Cadets 1877 John Philip Sousa Song
Magic The Magic Glass 1877 Charles Swain Song
Esprit du corps 1878 March
Silver Spray 1878 Schottische
Mavourneen Asthore 1878 Albert S. Nones Song
Smick, Smack, Smuck 1878 John Philip Sousa Song
Globe and Eagle 1879 March
Katherine 1879 Operetta
La Reine d’Amour 1879 Piece for cornet
On the Tramp 1879 March
Resumption March 1879 March
Nymphalin 1880 Piece for violin and orchestra
Our Flirtation 1880 March
Our Flirtations 1880 Vocal piece
Recognition March 1880 or before March
When He is Near 1880 Mary A. Denison Song
A Rare Old Fellow 1881 Barry Cornwall Song
Florine 1881 Operetta
Guide Right 1881 March
President Garfield's Inauguration March 1881 March
Garfield's Funeral March 1881 March
Pretty Patty Honeywood 1881 Cuthbert Bede Song
Right Forward 1881 March
Yorktown Centennial 1881 March
Congress Hall 1882 March
Désirée 1882 Operetta
Star of Light 1882 Bessie Beach Song
Smugglers The Smugglers 1882 Operetta
Bonnie Annie Laurie 1883 March
Mother Goose 1883 March
Pet of the Petticoats 1883 March
Right-Left 1883 March
Transit of Venus 1883 March
4 Marches for Regimental Drums and Trumpets 1884 Piece for trumpets and drums
White The White Plume 1884 March
We’ll Follow Where the White Plume Waves 1884 Edward M. Taber Song
Belle Mahone 1885 Piece for saxophone
The Mikado March 1885 March
Mother Hubbard March 1885 March
Sound Off 1885 March
Tally-Ho! 1885 Joaquin Miller Song
Queen The Queen of Hearts 1885 Operetta
Triumph of Time 1885 March
Funeral March 1886 Piece for trumpets and drums
Gallant and Gay We’ll March Away 1886 Piece for trumpets and drums
Good Bye, Sweet Nannie Magee 1886 Piece for trumpets and drums
Hannah, My True Love 1886 Piece for trumpets and drums
Here’s to Your Health, Sir! 1886 Piece for trumpets and drums
Hurrah! We Are Almost There 1886 Piece for trumpets and drums
La Reine de la Mer 1886 Waltz
Tally-Ho! 1886 Overture
Gladiator The Gladiator 1886 March
Presidential Polonaise 1886 Concert piece
Rifle The Rifle Regiment 1886 March
Vautour: Sans Souci 1886 Overture
Waltz 1886 Piece for trumpets and drums
My Own, My Geraldine 1887 Francis C. Long Song
O, Ye Lillies White 1887 Francis C. Long Song
Sweet Miss Industry 1887 S. Conant Foster Song
Occidental The Occidental 1887 March
Window The Window Blind 1887 Edward M. Taber Song
Coquette The Coquette 1887 Characteristic Dance
Ben Bolt 1888 March
I Wonder 1888 Edward M. Taber Song
National Fencibles 1888 March
Semper Fidelis 1888 March
Crusader The Crusader 1888 March
Wolf The Wolf 1888 Operetta
Bride The Bride Elect: The Wolf 1888–97 Operetta
Queen of the Harvest 1889 Quadrille
Do We? We Do 1889 John Philip Sousa Song
Love That Comes When May-Roses Blow 1889 John Philip Sousa Song
O’Reilly’s Kettledrum 1889 Edward M. Taber Song
Picadore The Picadore 1889 March
Quilting The Quilting Party March 1889 March
Thunderer The Thunderer 1889 March
Washington The Washington Post 1889 March
There’s Something Mysterious 1889 Hunter MacCulloch Song
2:15 1889 Edward M. Taber Song
Corcoran Cadets 1890 March
Nail the Flag to the Mast 1890 William Russell Frisbie Song
Reveille 1890 Robert J. Burdette Song
Chariot The Chariot Race 1890 Tone Poem
High High School Cadets 1890 March
Loyal The Loyal Legion 1890 March
You’ll Miss Lots of Fun When You’re Married 1890 Edward M. Taber Song
National, Patriotic and Typical Airs of All Lands 1890 Song
Sheridan’s Ride 1891 Tone Poem
Wolverine The Wolverine March 1891 March
Homeward Bound 1891 or 1892 March
March of the Royal Trumpets 1892 March
On Parade: The Lion Tamer 1892 March
Belle The Belle of Chicago 1892 March
Triton The Triton 1892 March
Désirée 1893 Operetta
Manhattan Beach 1893 March
Beau The Beau Ideal 1893 March
Devil's The Devil’s Deputy 1893 Operetta
Last The Last Days of Pompeii
1. “In the House of Burbo and Stratonice”
2. “Nydia, the Blind Girl”
3. “The Destruction of Pompeii and Nydia’s Death”
1893 Suite
Liberty Bell 1893 March
Stuffed Stork 1894 John Philip Sousa Song
Directorate The Directorate 1894 March
Capitan El Capitan 1895 Operetta
King Cotton 1895 March
Three Quotations
1. “The King of France With Twenty-Thousand Men Marched Up the Hill and Then Down Again.”
2. “I, Too, Was Born In Arcadia”
3. “In Darkest Africa”
1895 Suite
Capitan El Capitan 1896 March
Stars The Stars and Stripes Forever 1896 March
Colonial The Colonial Dames Waltzes 1896 Waltz
With Steady Step 1896 Piece for trumpets and drums
Maid of the Meadow 1897 John Philip Sousa Song
Bride The Bride Elect 1897 March
Charlatan The Charlatan: The Mystical Miss 1898 Operetta
Charlatan The Charlatan March 1898 March
Trooping The Trooping of the Colors 1898 Pageant
Chris and the Wonderful Lamp 1899 Operetta
Hands Across the Sea 1899 March
O, Why Should the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud? 1899 William Knox Hymn
Man The Man Behind the Gun 1899 March
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty 1900 March
It’s a thing we are apt to forget 1900 or after John Philip Sousa Song
Invincible The Invincible Eagle 1901 March
Pride The Pride of Pittsburgh: Homage to Pittsburgh 1901 March
Summer The Summer Girl 1901 Concert piece
Imperial Edward 1902 March
Looking Upward
1. “By the Light of the Polar Star”
2. "Beneath the Southern Cross”
3. “Mars and Venus”
1902 Suite
Messiah The Messiah of Nations 1902 James Whitcomb Riley Hymn
Jack Tar 1903 March
At the King's Court
1. “Her Ladyship, the Countess”
2. “Her Grace, the Duchess”
3. “Her Majesty, the Queen”
1904 Suite
Diplomat The Diplomat 1904 March
Free The Free-Lance 1905 Operetta
Free The Free-Lance 1906 March
I’ve Made My Plans for the Summer 1907 John Philip Sousa Song
Powhatan's Daughter 1907 March
The Fairest of the Fair 1908 March
American The American Maid: The Glass Blowers 1909 Operetta
Glory The Glory of the Yankee Navy 1909 March
People who Live in Glass Houses 1909 Suite
Dwellers of the Western World
1. “The Red Man”
2. “The White Man”
3. “The Black Man”
1910 Suite
Federal The Federal 1910 March
Tales of a Traveler
1. “The Kaffir On the Karoo”
2. “In the Land of the Golden Fleece”
3. “Grand Promenade at the White House” [later replaced by 3a]
3a. “Easter Monday on the White House Lawn” (1928)
1911 Suite
Belle The Belle of Bayou Teche 1911 O.E. Lynne Song
Gliding The Gliding Girl 1912 Tango
With Pleasure 1912 Dance Hilarious Ragtime piece
From Maine to Oregon 1913 March taken from The American Maid
It Was Really Very Fortunate for Me 1913 Charles Brown Song
Irish The Irish Dragoon 1913 Operetta
Columbia's Pride 1914 March
Lambs The Lambs’ Gamble 1914 Overture
Lambs The Lambs’ March 1914 March
Milkmaid The Milkmaid 1914 Austin Dobson Song
We March, We March to Victory 1914 Gerard Moultrie Processional Hymn
Hip Hip Hooray 1915 Vocal piece
New The New York Hippodrome 1915 March
Pathfinder The Pathfinder of Panama 1915 March
Victory The Victory 1915 Operetta
America First 1916 March
Boots 1916 Rudyard Kipling Song
Boy Scouts of America 1916 March
Come Laugh and be Merry 1916 Author unknown Song
I Love Jim 1916 Helen Sousa Abert Song
March of the Pan Americans 1916 March
Song The Song of the Dagger 1916 John Philip Sousa Song
Willow Blossoms 1916 Concert piece Subtitled “Legend”
Blue Ridge, I’m Coming Back to You 1917 John Philip Sousa Song
Liberty Loan 1917 March
Love The Love That Lives Forever 1917 George P. Wallihan Song
Naval The Naval Reserve 1917 March
White The White Rose 1917 March
U.S. Field Artillery 1917 March
Wisconsin Forward Forever 1917 March
Anchor and Star 1918 March
Flags of Freedom 1918 March
In Flanders Fields the Poppies Grow 1918 John D. McCrae Song
Lovely Mary Donnelly 1918 William Allingham Song
Pushing On 1918 Guy F. Lee Song
Sabre and Spurs 1918 March
Solid Men to the Front 1918 March
Chantyman The Chantyman's March 1918 March
Volunteers The Volunteers 1918 March
Though Dolly Is Married 1918 Burnside Song
USAAC March 1918 March
We are Coming 1918 Edith Willis Linn Song
Wedding March 1918 March
When the Boys Come Sailing Home! 1918 Helen Sousa Abert Song
Bullets and Bayonets 1919 March
Fighting The Fighting Race 1919 J.I.C. Clarke Song
Golden The Golden Star 1919 March
Camera Studies 1920 Suite
Comrades of the Legion 1920 March
Non-Committal Declarations 1920 John Philip Sousa Trio for voices
On the Campus 1920 March
Last The Last Crusade 1920 Anne Higginson Spicer Ballad
Who's Who in Navy Blue 1920 March
Yale Marching Song 1920 Joseph Grant Ewing Song
Keeping Step With the Union 1921 March
Impressions at the Movies
1. “The Serenaders”
2. “The Crafty Villain and the Timid Maid”
3. “Balance All and Swing Partners”
1922 Suite
Leaves from my Notebook
1. “The Genial Hostess”
2. “The Campfire Girls”
3. “The Lively Flapper”
1922 Suite
Dauntless The Dauntless Battalion 1922 March
Gallant The Gallant Seventh 1922 March
March of the Mitten Men: Power and Glory 1923 March
Nobles of the Mystic Shrine 1923 March
While Navy Ships are Coaling 1923 Wells Hawks Song
A Serenade in Seville 1924 James Francis Cooke Song
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 1924 March
Marquette University March 1924 March
Black The Black Horse Troop 1924 March
Journal The Journal 1924 John Philip Sousa Song
1. “Under the Spanish Flag”
2. “Under the American Flag”
3. “Under the Cuban Flag”
1925 Suite
National The National Game 1925 March
Universal Peace 1925 or 1926 March
Crossing the Bar 1926 Alfred Tennyson Song
Old Ironsides 1926 March
Sesqui-Centennial Exposition March 1926 March
Gridiron The Gridiron Club 1926 March
Pride The Pride of the Wolverines 1926 March
There’s a Merry Brown Thrush 1926 Lucy Larcom Song
Forever and a Day 1927 Irving Bibo and John Philip Sousa Song
Magna Charta 1927 March
Riders for the Flag 1927 March
Atlantic The Atlantic City Pageant 1927 March
Minnesota March 1927 March
Golden Jubilee 1928 March
Love’s Radiant Hour 1928 Helen Boardman Knox Song
New Mexico 1928 March
Prince Charming 1928
University of Nebraska 1928 March
Daughters of Texas 1929 March
Foshay Tower Washington Memorial 1929 March
La Flor de Sevilla 1929 March
Royal The Royal Welch Fusiliers, Nr. 1 1929 March
University of Illinois 1929 March
March [untitled] 1930 March
George Washington Bicentennial 1930 March
Harmonica Wizard 1930 March
Legionaires The Legionaires 1930 March
Royal The Royal Welch Fusiliers, Nr. 2 1930 March
Salvation The Salvation Army 1930 March
Wildcats The Wildcats: Salute to Kansas 1930 or 1931 March
A Century of Progress 1931 March
Annabel Lee 1931 Edgar Allan Poe Song
Aviators The Aviators 1931 March
Circumnavigators The Circumnavigators Club 1931 March
Northern The Northern Pines 1931 March
Library of Congress 1932 March unfinished, reconstructed in 2003 by Steve Bulla