List of works by Pavel Haas

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Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1Šest písní v lidovém tónu (Six Songs in Folk Tone) for Soprano and Piano or Orchestra (1918-19, 1938)
  • Op.2Tři písně (Three Songs) for Soprano and Piano (1919-1920)
  • Op.3 – String Quartet No. 1 in C# Minor (1920)
  • Op.4Čínské písně (Chinese Songs) for Alto and Piano (1920)
  • Op.5Zesmutnělé scherzo (Scherzo triste) for Orchestra (1921)
  • Op.6„Fata morgana“, Klavírní kvintet se sólovým zpěvákem tenorového hlasu (“Fata morgana” for Piano Quintet with Tenor Solo) (1923)
  • Op.7 – String Quartet No. 2 „Z opičích hor“ (“From the Monkey Mountains”) (1925)
  • Op.8Vyvolená (The Chosen One) for Tenor, Flute, Horn, Violin and Piano (1927)
  • Op.9Karneval (Carnival) for Male Chorus (1928-29)
  • Op.10Dechový kvintet (Wind Quintet) (1929)
  • Op.11Předehra pro rozhlas (Overture for Radio) (1931)
  • Op.12Žalm 29 (Psalm XXIX) for Baritone, Female Chorus and Chamber Orchestra with Organ (1932)
  • Op.13Suita pro klavír (Suite for Piano) (1935)
  • Op.14Šarlatán (The Charlatan), Opera in 3 Acts (1936)
  • Op.15 – String Quartet No. 3 (1938)
  • Op.16
  • Op.17Suita pro hoboj a klavír (Suite for Oboe and Piano) (1939)
  • Op.18Sedm písní v lidovém tónu (7 Songs in Folk Style on the World of F. L. Čelakovský) (1940)
  • Op.19
  • Op.20

Works without Opus Number

  • Allegro moderato for Piano (1938)
  • Al s’fod (Do Not Lament) for Male Chorus (1941)
  • The advent for Mezzo-soprano, Tenor and Quintet
  • Fantasy on a Jewish Melody
  • Čtyři písně na slova činské poezie (4 Songs on Chinese Poetry) (1944)
  • Partita in Olden Style for Piano [lost]
  • Studie pro smyčcový orchestr (Study for String Orchestra) (1943)
  • Symfonie (1940-1941) [unfinished]
  • Terezín Songs
  • Three Pieces for Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Flute, Clarinet and String Quartet [lost]
  • Variace pro klavír a smyčcový orchestr (Variations for Piano and String Orchestra)
  • Život je pes (Life Is a Dog) (1933), Music for the Film
  • Mazlícek (The Little Pet) (1934), Music for the Film
  • Kvočna (Mother-Hen) (1937), Music for the Film