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I am the owner of this tune collection. The scans were made by me for use on the FARNE website. I have no conection with the pdf version and I have not given permission for use of the scanned images other than on the FARNE site. Whilst I have no interest in preventing the distribution and enjoyment of these melodies I would consider it common decency to acknowledge the source and to seek permission for wider distribution and/or re-use.

Mike Hirst - 02:37 06 January 2012

As I explained on your talk page, there is no such thing as a copyright in scans of 120-year old publications, unless the last-surviving author died less than 50 years ago (Canada) or 70 years ago (EU, et al). No permission is required for a public domain item. We have no idea of where the other contributor obtained the earlier scan, and it is not totally impossible that he scanned a copy of the volume himself, though it would appear that the file here is identical to the one at FARNE. That said, we do encourage contributors to link to sites (like libraries and archives) who have made such scans available. Carolus 05:19, 11 January 2012 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)

In say that 'I am the owner of this tune collection' I am not claiming copyright. Rather, I am saying that the publication from which the scans were made is in my posession. The collection was bought by me in Newcastle, England in 2002. The scans were made by me for use on the FARNE site. There a number of distinguishing features, in particular a set of pencil markings, which show beyond all shadow of doubt that the source of the compiled pdf file is the scans which were made for FARNE. I would further state that in researching the source publication I have not found reference to any other copy either in private or public collections. I would therefore refute your claim that "it is not totally impossible that he scanned a copy of the volume himself". The images used to compile the pdf were taken from the FARNE server without permission.

That said I have no interest in prevention the further use and enjoyment of these melodies. I accept that "skill, labour or judgment merely in the process of copying cannot confer originality". Indeed I support and take an active part in the free and open sharing of cultural artefacts, including scanned documents. I am merely stating that without acknowledging the source the scans lose the context given to them through the accompanying text.

I am satisfied to see that the source is acknowledged through a link to FARNE. I have also made available my own version of the collection in which melodies transcribed from the scanned source are supported through historical notes.

Mike Hirst - 11:00 11 January 2012

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