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Page 77 of volume 2 (the book's pagination) is missing. I haven't checked if more are. -Nn 14:46, 13 April 2009 (EDT)

File unavailable

Now (and not before), trying to upload Volume 1, what I get is a popup saying the file is damaged beyond repair. Seems to need fixing by someone more knowledgeable than me. /Nn 07:38, 17 June 2009 (EDT)


No. Title Composer Notes
Volume I
I Walsingham John Bull
II Fantasia John Munday
III Fantasia, Faire Wether, etc. John Munday
IV Pavana [I] Ferdinando Richardson
V Variatio [I] Ferdinando Richardson
VI Galiarda [I] Ferdinando Richardson
VII Variation [I] Ferdinando Richardson
VIII Fantasia [VII] William Byrd
IX Goe from my Window Thomas Morley see No. XLII
X Jhon come kisse me now William Byrd
XI Galliarda to my Lord Lumleys's Pavan John Bull see No. XLI
XII Nancie Thomas Morley
XIII Pavana [VII] John Bull
XIV Alman [IX] Anonymous
XV Robin John Munday see No. CXXVIII
XVI Pavana [II] Anonymous to Mal Sims, see No. CCLXXXI
XVII Galiarda [X] John Bull
XVIII Barafostus' Dreame Anonymous see No. CXXXI
XIX Muscadin Anonymous see No. CCXCIII
XX Alman [VII] Anonymous
XXI Galiarda [I] Anonymous
XXII Praeludium [VII] Anonymous
XXIII Praeludium, El Kidermeister Anonymous
XXIV Praeludium [III] William Byrd
XXV Praeludium [III] Anonymous
XXVI The Irish Ho-Hoane Anonymous
XXVII Pavane [VII] Ferdinando Richardson
XXVIII Varatio [VII] Ferdinando Richardson
XXIX Galliarda [I*] Ferdinando Richardson
XXX Varatio [I*] Ferdinando Richardson
XXXI The Quadran Pavan John Bull see No. CXXXIII
XXXII Variation of the Quadran Pavan John Bull
XXXIII Galliard to the Quadran Pavan John Bull see No. CXXXIV
XXXIV Pavana [IX] John Bull see No. XLVIII
XXXV Galiard to the Pavan [IX] John Bull
XXXVI Saint Thomas Wake [IX] John Bull
XXXVII In Nomine [X*] John Bull
XXXVIII Fantasia [IX*] John Bull
XXXIX Pavana [IX*] Robert Johnson set by Giles Farnaby
XL The Woods so wilde Orlando Gibbons see No. LXVII
XLI Pavana of my Lord Lumley John Bull see No. XI
XLII Goe from my Window John Munday see IX
XLIII Praeludium [I] John Bull
XLIV Gloria tibi Trinitas John Bull
XLV Salvator Mundi John Bull
XLVI Galliarda [VII] John Bull
XLVII Variato [VII] John Bull
XLVIII Galliarda [IX] John Bull to the Pavan XXXIV
XLIX Praeludium Thomas Oldfield
L In Nomine William Blitheman
LI Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La John Bull
LII Fantasia [IX] William Byrd see No. C
LIII The King's Hunt Giles Farnaby
LIV Spagnioletta Giles Farnaby
LV For two Virginals Giles Farnaby
LVI Passamezzo Pavana William Byrd
LVII Galiardas Passamezzo William Byrd
LVIII The Carman's Whistle William Byrd
LIX The Hunt's up William Byrd see No. CCLXXVI
LX Tregian's Ground William Byrd
LXI Monsieur's Alman William Byrd
LXII Variatio William Byrd
LXIII Alman [XIII] William Byrd
LXIV Sellenger's Round William Byrd
LXV Fortune William Byrd
LXVI O Mistris myne William Byrd
LXVII The Woods so wilde William Byrd see No. XL
LXVIII Walsingham William Byrd see No. I
LXIX The Bells William Byrd
LXX Tirsi, di Luca Marenzio. Peter Philips 1a. Parte intavolata di Pietro Philippi
LXXI Freno Peter Philips 2a. Parte
LXXII Così morirò Peter Philips 3a.
LXXIII Fece da voi Peter Philips à 6
LXXIV Pavana Pagget Peter Philips
LXXV Galliarda [I**] Peter Philips
LXXVI Passamezzo Pavana Peter Philips
LXXVII Galliarda Passamezzo Peter Philips
LXXVIII Chi fara fede al Cielo Alessandro Striggio set by Peter Philips
LXXIX Bon Jour mon Cuer Orlando di Lasso set by Peter Philips
LXXX Pavana Dolorosa Tregian set By Peter Philips
LXXXI Galiarda Dolorosa Peter Philips
LXXXII Amarilli Julio Romano (Giulio Caccini) set by Peter Philips
LXXXIII Margot laborez Orlando di Lasso set by Peter Philips
LXXXIV Fantasia [VII] Peter Philips
LXXXV Pavana [VII] Peter Philips
LXXXVI Le Rossignuol Orlando di Lasso set by Peter Philips
LXXXVII Galliardo [VII] Peter Philips
LXXXVIII Galliardo [XIII*] Peter Philips
LXXXIX Fantasia [XIII*] Nicholas Stroeger
XC Alman [IX] Martin Peerson
XCI Pavana, Bray William Byrd
XCII Galiarda William Byrd
XCIII Pavana Ph. Tregian William Byrd
XCIV Galiarda [XIII*] William Byrd
XCV Toccata Giovanni Picchi
XCVI Praeludium Toccata Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
XCVII Pavana Thomas Warrock
XCVIII Galiarda Thomas Warrock
XCIX Praeludium Galeazzo
C Praeludium William Byrd to the Fancie No. II
CI Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la William Byrd
CII Ut, mi, re William Byrd
CIII Fantasia [XIII] William Byrd
CIV All in a Garden green William Byrd
CV Heaven and Earth Fre
CVI Praeludium [VII] John Bull
CVII Veni Anonymous
CVIII Fantasia [IX*] John Bull
CIX Felix namque Thomas Tallis
Volume II
CX Felix namque II Thomas Tallis (1564)
CXI Excercise Anonymous
CXII Daphne Giles Farnaby
CXIII Pawles Wharfe Giles Farnaby
CXIV Quodlings Delight Giles Farnaby
CXV Praeludium [X] John Bull
CXVI Praeludium [XIII*] John Bull Dor
CXVII Praeludium [VII] Anonymous
CXVIII Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la [VII] Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck a 4 voci
CXIX In Nomine [IX] John Bull
CXX Praeludium [VII] Anonymous
CXXI Pavana Lachryme John Downland set by William Byrd, see No. CLIII and CCXC
CXXII Galiarda James Harding set by William Byrd
CXXIII Galiarda Thomas Tomkins
CXXIV Fantasia [I] Thomas Morley
CXXV Christe Redemptor John Bull
CXXVI The Maydens Song William Byrd
CXXVII Put up thy Dagges, Jemy Giles Farnaby
CXXVIII Bony sweet Robin Giles Farnaby see No. XV
CXXIX Fantasia [I] Giles Farnaby
CXXX A Grounde Thomas Tomkins
CXXXI Barafostus' Dream Thomas Tomkins see No. XVIII
CXXXII The Hunting Galliard Thomas Tomkins
CXXXIII The Quadran Paven William Byrd see No. XXXI
CXXXIV Galiard to the Quadran Paven William Byrd see No. XXXIII
CXXXV The King's Hunt John Bull
CXXXVI Pavana [I] John Bull
CXXXVII Galiarda [I] John Bull
CXXXVIII Dr. Bull's Juell John Bull
CXXXIX The Spanish Paven John Bull
CXL In Nomine Parsons
CXLI Woody-Cook Giles Farnaby
CXLII The Duke of Brunswick's Alman John Bull
CXLIII Rosasolis Giles Farnaby
CXLIV Psalme [140] Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
CXLV Alman [I] Robert Johnson
CXLVI Alman [I] Robert Johnson
CXLVII Alman Robert Johnson set By Giles Farnaby
CXLVIII The New Sa-Hoo Giles Farnaby
CXLIX Nobody's Gigge Richard Farnaby
CL Malt's come downe William Byrd
CLI Praeludium [IX] Anonymous
CLII Alman [XIII] Thomas Morley
CLIII Pavana [IX] Thomas Morley Lachrymae
CLIV Galiarda [IX] Thomas Morley
CLV La Volta William Byrd
CLVI Alman [VII] William Byrd
CLVII Wolsey's Wilde [VII] William Byrd
CLVIII Callino Casturame William Byrd
CLIX La Volta Thomas Morley set by William Byrd
CLX Rowland William Byrd
CLXI Why aske you Anonymous see No. CCLXXXVI
CLXII The Ghost William Byrd
CLXIII Alman [IX*] William Byrd
CLXIV Galliard [I] William Byrd
CLXV Pavana [IX*] William Byrd
CLXVI Galliarda [IX*] William Byrd
CLXVII Pavana [I**] William Byrd
CLXVIII Galiarda [I**] William Byrd
CLXIX Pavana [XIII*] Thomas Morley
CLXX Galiarda [XIII*] Thomas Morley
CLXXII The Queens Alman William Byrd
CLXXIII A Medley William Byrd
CLXXIV Pavana [IX] William Byrd
CLXXV Galliarda [IX] William Byrd
CLXXVI Misere William Byrd 3 parts
CLXXVII Misere William Byrd 4 parts
CLXXVIII Pakingtown's Pownde Anonymous
CLXXIX The Irish Dumpe Anonymous
CLXXX Watkins Ale Anonymous
CLXXXI A Gigg William Byrd
CLXXXII Pipers Paven Martin Peerson
CLXXXII Pipers Galliard John Bull
CLXXXIII Variatio ejusdem John Bull
CLXXXIV Praeludium [XIII] John Bull D.
CLXXXV Galiarda [IX*] John Bull
CLXXXVI Galiarda [IX*] John Bull
CLXXXVII Allemanda Marchant
CLXXXVIII Can Shee Anonymous
CLXXXIX Doctor Bull's my selfe John Bull A Gigge
CXC A Gigge John Bull
CXCI Sir Jhon Grayes Galliard William Byrd
CXCII Praeludium [VII] John Bull
CXCIII A Toy Anonymous se No. CCIV
CXCIV Giles Farnaby's Dreame Giles Farnaby
CXCV His Rest Giles Farnaby
CXCVI His Humour Giles Farnaby
CXCVII Fayne would I wedd Richard Farnaby
CXCVIII A Maske Giles Farnaby
CXCIX A Maske Giles Farnaby
CC An Almain Anonymous
CCI Corranto [VII] Anonymous
CCII Alman [XIII] Anonymous
CCIII Corranto [X] Anonymous
CCIV Corranto [VII] Anonymous see No. CXCIII
CCV Corranto [I] Anonymous
CCVI Daunce Anonymous
CCVII Worster Braules Thomas Tomkins
CCVIII Fantasia [VII] Giles Farnaby
CCIX A Maske Giles Farnaby
CCX Praeludium [IX] John Bull
CCXI Praeludium [V] Anonymous
CCXII Martin sad to his Man Anonymous
CCXIII Almand William Tisdale
CCXIV Pavana Chromatica William Tisdale
CCXV Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la John Bull
CCXVI Gipseis Round William Byrd
CCXVII Fantasia [I*] Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
CCXVIII Coranto [IX] William Byrd
CCXIX Pavana Clemens Cotton William Tisdale
CCXX Pavana [I*] William Tisdale
CCXXI Coranto [I] Anonymous
CCXXII Alman Hooper
CCXXIII Corranto [I] Anonymous
CCXXIV Corranto [I] Anonymous
CCXXV Corranto [I*] Anonymous
CCXXVI Corranto [VII] Anonymous
CCXXVII Alman [III] Anonymous
CCXXVIII Corranto Hooper
CCXXIX Fantasia [VII] Giles Farnaby
CCXXX Loth to depart Giles Farnaby
CCXXXI Fantasia [I] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXII Fantasia [I*] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXIII Ay me, poore Heart Giles Farnaby transcription
CCXXXIV Fantasia [I] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXV Walter Erle's Paven [I] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXVI Fantasia [IX] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXVII Fantasia [VII] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXVIII Fantasia [VII] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXIX The L. Zouches Maske Giles Farnaby
CCXL Grounde Giles Farnaby
CCXLI Corranto [XIII] William Byrd
CCXLII Up Tails all Giles Farnaby
CCXLIII Jhonson's Medley Edward Johnson
CCXLIV Nowel's Galliard Anonymous
CCXLV Tower Hill Giles Farnaby
CCXLVI Praeludium [XIII] Giles Farnaby
CCXLVII The King's Morisco [XIII] Anonymous
CCXLVIII A Duo Richard Farnaby
CCXLIX Alman [VII] Anonymous
CCL A Galiard Ground William Inglot
CCLI The Leaves beee greene William Inglot
CCLII Pavana [IX] William Byrd
CCLIII Galiarda [X] William Byrd
CCLIV Pavana [IX*] William Byrd
CCLV Galiarda [IX*] William Byrd
CCLVI Pavana [XIII] William Byrd
CCLVII Pavana Fantasia [VIII] William Byrd
CCLVIII Galiarda [VII] William Byrd
CCLIX The Earle of Oxfords Marche William Byrd
CCLX Galiarda Jehan Oystermayre
CCLXI Fantasia William Byrd
CCLXII The Duchesse of Brunswick's Toye John Bull
CCLXIII A Toye [VIII] Anonymous
CCLXIV Corranto [I] Anonymous
CCLXV Lady Riche Anonymous
CCLXVI Corranto [VIII] Anonymous
CCLXVII A Gigge Giles Farnaby
CCLXVIII A Toye [VII] Anonymous
CCLXIX Galliarda [X] Giles Farnaby
CCLXX A Toye [X] Giles Farnaby
CCLXXI The Primerose Martin Peerson
CCLXXII The Fall of the Leafe Martin Peerson
CCLXXIII Farnabye's Conceit Giles Farnaby
CCLXXIV Allemanda Anonymous
CCLXXV Pavana, Canon William Byrd
CCLXXVI Peascodd Time William Byrd see No. LIX
CCLXXVII Pavana, Delight Edward Johnson set by William Byrd
CCLXXVIII Galiarda Edward Johnson set by William Byrd
CCLXXIX Misere John Bull 3 parts
CCLXXX Tell mee, Daphne Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXI Mal Sims Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXII Munday's Joy John Munday
CCLXXXIII Rosseter's Galliard set by Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXIV The Flatt Pavan Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXV Pavana [VII] Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXVI Why aske you [VII] Giles Farnaby see No. CLXI
CCLXXXVII Farmer's Paven Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXVIII Dalling Alman Anonymous
CCLXXXIX The Old Spagnoletta Giles Farnaby
CCXC Lachrymae Pavan John Dowland set by Giles Farnaby, see No. CXXI and CLIII
CCXCI Meridian Alman set by Giles Farnaby
CCXCII Pavana Orlando Gibbons
CCXCIII Muscadin Giles Farnaby see No. XIX
CCXCIV Lady Montegle's Paven William Byrd
CCXCV Galiarda William Tisdale
CCXCVI Fantasia [I] Giles Farnaby
CCXCVII Hanskin Richard Farnaby

Hamstray 04:09, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

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