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Luck's Music Library - Errata corrected in orchestral parts

Flute 1
The first partial bar (quarter note rest) added.
bar (A)+2 is a block of 4 bars rest.
Allargando is at (A)+4
2nd note of bar (E)+11 is F
Oboe 2
At bar (A) - C is natural
Clarinet 1 and 2
are in A
Clarinet 2
bar (E)+2 - the third note is an eighth note.
Bassoon 1 and 2
3rd block of rests after (C) is for 3 bars (i.e. between Allargando and Maestoso)
Horn 1 and 2
are in F
Horn 2
3rd note of bar (D)+11 and 2nd note of bar (D)+12 are both A♭.
is in F
bar (E)-6 is A natural.

The following seemed to be user's markings, that were inadvertently made permanent when Luck's made its reprint. I.e. these simply were not part of the original edition.

Violin 1
bar (D)+13 - slur removed from first two notes
Yet to do: Animato agitato after (C) - removed slur from first two notes.
bar (H)-9 and bar (H)-11 - slurs removed from last 3 notes of these bars
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