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Page Act / Scene No. Description
Act I Scene 1 1 Gori, gori yasno (Gori, gori yasno)
Act I Scene 1 2 Chem konchilas vchera igra? (Chem konchilas vchera igra?)
Act I Scene 1 3 Chorus of Promenaders and Scena: Nakonets-to Bog (Nakonets-to Bog)
Act I Scene 1 4 Quintet and Scena: Mne strashno! - Grafinya! (Mne strashno! - Grafinya!)
Act I Scene 1 5 Scena: Kakaya vedma (Kakaya vedma)
Act I Scene 1 6 Closing Scena: Se non è vero (Se non è vero)
Act I Scene 2 7 Duet: Uzh vecher (Uzh vecher)
Act I Scene 2 8 Scena: Obvorozhitelno! (Obvorozhitelno!)
Act I Scene 2 9 Scena and Arioso: Mesdemoisells (Mesdemoisells)
Act I Scene 2 10 Pora uzh raskhoditsya (Pora uzh raskhoditsya)
Act II Scene 1 11 Entr'acte and Chorus: Radostno, veselo v den sei (Radostno, veselo v den sei)
Act II Scene 1 12 Khozyain prosit dorogikh (Khozyain prosit dorogikh)
Act II Scene 1 13 Scene: Posle predstavleniya (Posle predstavleniya)
Act II Scene 1 14a Chorus of Sheperds and Shepherdesses: Khozyain prosit dorogikh gostei (Khozyain prosit dorogikh gostei)
Act II Scene 1 14b Sarabande (Sarabande)
Act II Scene 1 14c Duet: Moi milenki druzhok (Moi milenki druzhok)
Act II Scene 1 14d Interlude Finale: Kak ty mila (Kak ty mila)
Act II Scene 1 15 Closing Scena: Kto pylko I strastno lyubya! - Tsaritsa! Yega Velichestvo! (Kto pylko I strastno lyubya! - Tsaritsa! Yega


Act II Scene 2 16 Scena: Vsyo tak, kak mne ona skazala (Vsyo tak, kak mne ona skazala)
Act II Scene 2 17 Finale: Ne pugaites! (Ne pugaites!)
Act III 18 Entr'acte (Entr'acte)
Act III Scene 1 19 Scena: Strashno! strashno! (Strashno! strashno!)
Act III Scene 2 20 Scena: Uzh polnoch blizitsya (Uzh polnoch blizitsya)
Act III Scene 2 21 Scena: A yesli mne otvet (A yesli mne otvet)
Act III Scene 3 22 Chorus: Budem pit I veselitsya! (Budem pit I veselitsya!)
Act III Scene 3 23 Song: Yeslib miliya devitsy (Yeslib miliya devitsy)
Act III Scene 3 24 Closing Scena: Za dela, gospoda (Za dela, gospoda)
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