This template is to be used to link to a specific page within the book viewer for an item at the Internet Archive.
An example of such a URL is http://www.archive.org/stream/catalogofcopy19643185libr#page/1987/mode/1up.
4 Variables:

  1. Uniquely identifies the item at the Internet Archive. For example: catalogofcopy19643185libr.
  2. Identifies the image number within the book viewer. For example: 1987.
  3. Optional. Only used if a search parameter is included in the URL.
  4. Optional. The text that is displayed as a link. The Default is "Internet Archive."

Example using variables 1, 2, and 4: {{IArchDt|catalogofcopy19643185libr|1987||''Catalog of Copyright Entries'', 3d Series, Vol.18, Pt.5, (1964), p.1987}}.
Pages that use this template are included in Category:Pages with citations from items at Internet Archive.