The Anglo-French Music Co.

The Anglo-French Music Co cover 1917
Anglo-French-OUP cover 1920s)



This London company started during the First World War and was taken over by Oxford University Press's new music department under Humphrey Milford in the mid 1920s. The design and printing of the scores were the same as those of Charles Avison Ltd. (1905 to 1918), with the addition of the combined coq gaulois (Gallic rooster) and Union Jack logo.

In spite of the company's name, it published very few works by French composers (a few by Pierre Gascon and Denis Lassimonne, possibly pseudonyms). The large catalog,(over 300 items in 10 years according to the BL catalog) consisted mainly of piano works for both amateurs and professionals, by Harold Craxton, Leo Livens, Tobias Matthay, York Bowen, Dorothy Howell, Felix Swinstead, Markham Lee, Arnold Bax, Thompson, Eva Pain, Lillian Smith, Peggy Cochrane and Thomas Dunhill. Many violin works were provided by John Blackwood McEwen, B.J.Dale, H. Davies and E.R Woof, and there were a few songs by Bainton and Colin Taylor. Especially many of the piano works have stood the test of time, and are still in print nearly 100 year after their first publication.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • The Anglo-French Music Co.
  • The Anglo-French Music Series, O.U.P

Plate Numbers

In the form A. F. M. Cº. etc.

Plate Composer Work Year
001 McEwen String Quartet No.9 (score) 1917
004 Swinstead 5 Idylls, Op.38 1917
026 McEwen 2 Poems (score & pt) 1918
{{{1}}}219 Delius 3 Preludes 1923
{{{1}}}232 Swinstead Prélude romantique, Op.54 1924

Sources Consulted

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