The Pianoforte, its origin, progress, and construction (Rimbault, Edward Francis)

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 Part I
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 Part II
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 Part III
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 Appendices, Illustrations & Indices
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PMLP347163-cu31924022263515 rimbault pianoforte 1860 pt1.pdf
Publisher Info.:

London: Robert Cocks and Co., 1860.


Public Domain [tag/del]

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General Information

Work Title The Pianoforte, its origin, progress, and construction
Alternative Title The Pianoforte, its origin, progress, and construction; with some account of instruments of the same class which preceded it; viz. the clavichord, the virginal, the spinet, the harpsichord, etc. to which is added a selection of interesting Specimens of Music composed for keyed-stringed instruments, by Blitheman, Byrd, Bull, Frescobaldi, Dumont, Chambonnieres, Lully, Purcell, Muffat, Couperin, Kuhnau, Scarlatti, Seb. Bach, Mattheson, Handel, C.P. Emanuel Bach, etc. by Edward F. Rimbault, Ll.D. member of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, etc. etc.
Composer Rimbault, Edward Francis
Movements/Sections 3 parts
Part I: The History of the Pianoforte
  1. Some of the Stringed Instruments of the Ancients
  2. The Medieval Instruments that preceded the Invention of the Key-board
  3. The First Invention of the Pianoforte Class
  4. The Virginal
  5. The Spinet
  6. The Harpsichord
  7. The Claimants to the Invention of the Pianoforte
  8. The Progress of the Pianoforte on the Continent
  9. The Introduction and Progress of the Pianoforte in England
  10. The Progress of the Pianoforte in the Nineteenth Century
Part II: The Construction of the Pianoforte
  1. The Framing
  2. The Stringing
  3. The Action
  4. Various Mechanical Contrivances applied to the Pianoforte in order to obtain sustained Sounds
  5. Melographic, Mechanical, and Transposing Pianos
  6. Statistics of Pianofortes and Pianoforte Manufacturing as an Article of Trade; Materials used in the Construction of Pianofortes; &c.
Part III: The Early Composers for Instruments of the Pianoforte Class
A Collection of Specimens Illustrating the Progress of Music for Keyed-Stringed Instruments (24 Pieces by various composers)
  1. Gloria Tibi Trinitas - arr. Blitheman
  2. Sellenger's Round - arr. William Byrd
  3. The King's Huntig Jigg - John Bull
  4. Les Buffons - John Bull
  5. Courante Jewel - John Bull
  6. Capriccio del soggetto sopra l'aria di Roggiero - Girolamo Frescobaldi
  7. Suite de Pieces, D minor - H. du Mont
  8. Suite de Pieces, A minor - Chambonnières
  9. Suite de Pieces, E minor - Jean Baptiste Lully
  10. Prelude and Airs, C major - Henry Purcell
  11. Variationes super cantilenam - F. X. A. Murschhauser
  12. Sonata, B major - Johann Kuhnau
  13. Suite de Pieces, E minor - Johann Mattheson
  14. Sonata, A minor - Domenico Scarlatti
  15. Sonata, G major - Domenico Scarlatti
  16. Suite de Pieces, D minor - François Couperin
  17. Capriccio sopra la lontananza del fratre dilettissimo - J. S. Bach, BWV 992
  18. Capriccio, G major - Handel
  19. Fantaisie, G major - Gottlieb Muffat
  20. Air, G major - Gottlieb Muffat
  21. Allemand, C major - Gottlieb Muffat
  22. Introduction and Toccata, G minor - I. J. de Mondonville
  23. Rondo, E major - C. P. E. Bach, Wq.61/1, H.288
  24. Fantasia, C major - C. P. E. Bach, Wq.61/6, H.291
  1. Hints to those who have the Care of Pianofortes
  2. On Tuning
  3. How to regulate Defects in the Mechanism of the Pianoforte
  4. A Glossary of the principal Terms used in the Manufacture of the Pianoforte
Additional Notes and Illustrations
First Publication 1860
Language English
Dedication Henry E. Dibdin, Esq.
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation piano (pieces for clavichord, harpsichord, etc.)
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