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Projected Alkan Chants edition: 5 recueils (Opp. 38, 65, 67, 70) + Chapeau bas! (Anhang)

My monster upload of the K.427 Mass actually went through! :-D

Non-PD NMA volumes that give scores: 6 (Masses vol. 6; PD next year), 34 (Così fan tutte; PD in two years' time), 112 (Doubtful - Divertimenti, Sonatas, Piano Music; PD in four years' time), 113 (Doubtful - Works for Orchestra, Lieder; PD in eleven years' time)

On Wikipedia.

Category:Alkan, Charles-Valentin

Retypesetting/uploading scans projects/plans:

Some of these are in progress, some are just plans, and some are just fleeting thoughts.

Active work
  • Mozart - Concert Rondo in A K.386 (Cipriani Potter's arrangement.) Actually present in the NMA anyway, so watch this space.
  • Mozart - Davide penitente
  • Sorabji - Toccata from "Two Pieces"
In progress/on hold
Fleeting thoughts
  • I'm thinking of posting my own completions of Mozart's unfinished horn concerti...and oboe concerto in F...and mass in C minor...and so now you can compare...

Does anyone have the original B&H editions of the K.98 (#56) and K.74g (#54) symphonies?? Also does anyone have Klindworth's orchestration+adaptation of the first movement of the Alkan solo concerto? Come to think of it, does anyone have Weingartner's completion of Schubert's seventh? His scherzo for #8 (the 2nd movement of his Op.74?) Double sharp 23:34, 4 January 2014 (EST)

(Apparently finely grained Babel levels from Wikipedia do not actually work here. So what you see here is an approximation. If you're that curious, follow the link at the top of this page that is labelled "On Wikipedia".)


  • Alkan - Esquisse #49 "Laus Deo" (scan obtained from Alkan Association)
  • Mozart - Symphony #56 (KV 98) (typeset from second- (third-?) hand source. Attempted to correct errors, but would prefer seeing original)
  • Alkan - 2e verset de 41e Psaume (partially reconstructed from recording)
  • Alkan - Etz chajjim hi (re-typeset from scan of original edition, which is very hard to read!)
  • Alkan - "Chant de Nouvel An" and "Consolation et espérance" (Nos. 1 and 2 of 3 anciennes mélodies juives)
  • Alkan - Zorcico, Danse Ibérienne à 5 temps
  • Mozart - Symphonies #7a, #48, #50, #51, #52 (scans from NMA by DME)
  • Alkan - Trois morceaux dans le genre pathétique Op. 15
  • Alkan - Impromptus Op. 32
  • Mozart - Great Mass in C minor K. 427 (scans from NMA by DME)
  • Mozart - Adagio in E major K. 261 (scans from NMA by DME)
  • Mozart - Maurerische Trauermusik K. 477 (scans from NMA by DME)
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