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8/May/2016 No more electronic music for me ☹️

First, a bit of background; I'm 16, so I can't leave my parents' tyrannical households. They expect me to be exactly like their materialistic, sub-human selves, because I live off them, so I have no choice. "What makes them sub-human?" You may wonder. Firstly, they breed like rabbits - not unusual a few centuries ago, but despite there being no need to do that today, they still follow that primitive instinct. Secondly, they judge a person's worth by their income; as a frog judges another by the loudness of his call, or as a peahen judges a peacock by the brilliance of his tail feathers. Thirdly, the concept of art is absolutely inconceivable to them; to make themselves seem cultured to their peers, they parrot the tastes of the masses, no matter how empty the most revered works actually are.

To mould me into their desired offspring, they've decided to take away my laptop with Ableton Live on it. So I would have nothing to do with my time but practice being a good robot to serve the rich in return for material goods and the resources to breed myself (i.e. "studying").

A whole genre may have died before it even grew out of the "proto" prefix, but oh well, I'll just go back to classical - the only genre of music one can make without technology.

23/May/2016 Who knew? That's actually possible…There will be electronic music after all.