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Just making this for myself, everyone can ignore it. Doing a psychological study, and I need an organized place to keep it since it will involve sortable lists.

The table below gives the following information for 12th grade students.

  • Name — As given on "Facebook"
  • Date — Date of Birth
  • PT — Personality Type
  • IQ — Given intelligence quotient.
  • GPA — Scholastic achievement (Grade point average)
  • HC — "Hair Color" ; will be abbreviated
  • EC — "Eye Color" ; will be abbreviated
Nick Lewis
Zachary Lang
Gabby Noelle
Molly McDonald
Cheyenne Kerekes
Brandon Place
Sean Kirsche
Melanie Mason
Kevin Moody
Tom Young
Samantha Albano
Alyssa Mason
Neal Denman
Maggie Winkler
Ashtin Frank
Juliet Onufrak
Brittany Wenger
Amelia Summersbee
Summer Dunn
Carly Hunter
Savannah Sleight
Andrea Avery
Alexis Gentle
Natalie Rodriguez
Evan Wilson
Caroline Dailey
Nicole Hoffman
Alex Ruschau
Audra Pack
Julian Gardinier
Steph Spindel
Luke Cranor
Alex Horan
Kelly Doyle
Emily Greenwood
Robbie Elder
Wyatt Page
Gabriella Costa
Stephy Meunch
Colin Diener
Victoria Williams
Alvaro Gonzalez
Caitlyn Durfee
Brenna Ramsay
Gabriella Alvarez
Josephine Sellberg
Hunter Clarke
Haley Preininger
Ariana Raquel
Amanda Marie