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I am collecting music for the mandolin and make it available if the copyright is expired.

Visit my homepage Mandoisland or my blog Mandoisland Blogto find out more!

Besuchen sie meine Homepage Mandoisland und mein Blog Blog über Mandoline und Gitarre

Some of my scans already available at IMSLP:

Scuola del Mandolino - Carlo Munier

Methode de Mandoline - Jean Pietrapertosa

Petite Methode for Mandolin, Op.245 (Monti, Vittorio)

Mandolinen-Schule (Köhler, Ernesto)

Neue Reform Schule for Mandoline (Vorpahl, Reinhold)

Methode complete de Mandoline ou Banjoline (Pietrapertosa, Jean)

Methode de Mandoline (Cristofaro, Ferdinando de)

Methode pour Banjoline ou Banjo_Mandoline by Salvator Leonardi in good scan quality!

Serenade des Mandolines- Desormes - mandolin solo

Serenade - Olivier Metra- for mandolin orchestra

Under the Double Eagle, Op.159 (Wagner, Josef Franz)

Method for the Mandolin (Odell, Herbert Forrest)

An early French method from the 19th century: Charles de Sivry (1848-1900) Méthode elementaire de mandoline

Methods and studies by Carlo Munier:

Lo Scioglidita - Part 3 and 4 (Carlo Munier)

Metodo Completo per la Divisione (Munier, Carlo)

La Musica (Munier, Carlo)

20 Studi Melodici e Progessivi (Munier, Carlo)

Grandi studi di concerto, Op.200 (Munier, Carlo)

Mandolini-Terzetti (Munier, Carlo)

Pourquoi Pleurer? (Graziani-Walter, Carlo)

Guitarre-Album (Bicherl, Hans)

Taquinerie (Cottin, Alfred)

Gentil Bataillon (Monti, Vittorio)

Sobre las Olas (Rosas, Juventino) for 2 mandolins, mandola, guitar, piano

A. Czibulka Songe d'Amour Après le Bal for 2 mandolins, mandola, guitar

Kaiser-Walzer, Op.437 (Strauss Jr., Johann) Arrangement for mandolin orchestra by Ferdinand Kollmaneck

Blaze Away! (Holzmann, Abe) Arrangement for mandolin orchestra by Ernst Vorpahl

Guitarre-Solostücke (Kellner, Josef) Bavarian folk music for guitar

Lauten- und Gitarre-Schule (Scherrer, Heinrich)

Complete Method for the Mandoline (Louis Tocaben,1885)

New Mandolin Method (Stahl, William C.)

Easy Mandoline Tutor (Carati, D.)

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