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  • I would put clarinet 1.5 if I was able.
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Category:Brown, Sean Franklin

I am a violinist of 12 years (since 2003), a pianist of 3 years, a composer of 9 years, and a clarinetist since this past summer (2015). I currently have a few original works that I've completed, but for the most part I concentrate on arranging, both from scores (often from IMSLP) or by ear. All of my IMSLP submissions so far have been string orchestra arrangements, since that medium is fairly popular and accessible to me in my area.

Aside from composing, arranging and playing music, I enjoy video games a great deal. I run a combined YouTube channel with a mixture of music and video game LP's, which can be found at


Favorite music styles: classical, neoclassical (e.g. Prokofiev, especially Op. 25), video game, early romantic (e.g. Beethoven, Brahms), modern (e.g. Foss)


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