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I dedicated my life to teaching only.
This is my first time using a wiki based language so my userpage will look a little bit strange for more experienced users but in time my skills will improve.
I started back in 1997 downloading (from innumerable websites) and scanning sheetmusic with a special intrest in piano and song. At the moment i have about 57.000 pieces pianomusic only, from 5.400 composers, thousands of songs & opera, and 9.300, sometimes, beautiful pictures of composers and artists.

I'm not a professional cleaner but try to clean every piece I upload, however this is a huge task and very time consuming,with so many pieces. Every score is cleaned to a certain degree, cropped, resized, straightened and so on, page by page, with special attention for the colored covers.
In my opinion the scores should be printable in A4 format and most important the music itself should be clear to read. Sometimes I use a gray background to make the music more visible.
I hope you will enjoy!

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