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Hello you have found my page.

I am pretty new at uploading works of composers, mostly the major composers for right now. I have uploaded Hindemith, Webern and some scores and arrangements of other composers like Ravel.

Current upload project is Paul Hindemith. I want to upload as many works I can get my hands on as possible that are PD in Canada, but also PD in the EU and in the US but very few works exist of Hindemith being published before 1923!

Also I am great at splitting Orchestral/large chamber piece parts from "Complete Part" files. If you need splitting of parts files and want it done a certain way, please contact me in the talk page so I can consider your request! And I can also combine files at request into either complete part files or whatever the user requests. I am aware of WIMA files of scores and parts that are split by movement and I know that it is a huge pain having to download every single part file and score for every movement and I personally think it is bad file organization for IMSLP and takes up alot of webpage space and is not extremely great for users who might have slower internet speeds to go through every file to download. It is better personally to have fewer part files like around 10-15 part files on average per piece with double winds in each file like for example "Bassoon 1, 2" because it doesn't eat up so much webpage space versus a page with 30-40 part files of one piece, which does not make much sense in having something like this in today's internet. My only exception to this rule is for the strings, which I seperate by part for example the "Violin I and II" are both seperate part files. This is because it is pretty common for strings to have more pages per part than the winds/brass/percussion would. I also keep the timpani file separate from the percussion since for this case that alot of symphonies for example have timpani as the only percussion instrument, like in Baroque/Classical/Romantic pieces. I can also split files for user/admin. request by individual part files like "Flute 1" and "Flute 2" but remember this takes up alot of space on the page. If by your request really want it done like this, please explain why you would want it like this.

My Favorite Composers or Composers that I mostly like:

This user enjoys music by
Josquin Desprez.
Claudio Monteverdi.jpg
This user enjoys music by
Claudio Monteverdi.
Antonio Vivaldi.jpg
This user enjoys music by
Antonio Vivaldi.
This user enjoys music by
Johann Sebastian Bach.
This user enjoys music by
Joseph Haydn.
415 mozart.jpg
This user enjoys music by
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
This user enjoys music by
Ludwig van Beethoven.
Schubert HQ.JPG
This user enjoys music by
Franz Schubert.
This user enjoys music by
George Onslow.
This user enjoys music by
Robert Schumann.
This user enjoys music by
Johannes Brahms.
This user enjoys music by
Josef Suk.
Claude Debussy Photo.jpg
This user enjoys music by
Claude Debussy.
This user enjoys music by
Camille Saint-Saëns.
This user enjoys music by
Edward Elgar.
This user enjoys music by
Richard Strauss.
This user enjoys music by
Gustav Mahler.
M ravel.jpg
This user enjoys music by
Maurice Ravel.
This user enjoys music by
Arnold Schoenberg.
This user enjoys music by
Alban Berg.
Webern image 01.jpg
This user enjoys music by
Anton Webern.
This user enjoys music by
Paul Hindemith.
This user enjoys music by
Dmitri Shostakovich.
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