Sam Labrecque (born on June 7, 1994) is a Canadian composer, orchestrator, arranger, organist, pianist and conductor. Born and raised in a non-musical family, he had to learn everything by himself. He began playing the organ at the age of four, under the tutorship of his godmother, who was playing the organ for fun. In November 2006 he began composing, short contemporary pieces at first, then bigger and more ambitious works as the years went by. He began playing piano in June 2007, completely self-taught, and a few months later, in October 2007, began playing clarinet at school, and soon enough he was the first clarinet of his school orchestra, a position which he held for three years.

During that time he never stopped composing, and in 2010 he set what would become his style with A Fight for Peace, an 11-minute epic song for voice and orchestra. His style is characterized by a concern for perfection in orchestration and many key changes, as well as somewhat well developed harmonies.

It was during that period that he wrote his Harmonic Suite for Concert Band, a three-movement suite for concert band. On Sam's opinion, A Fight for Peace and the Harmonic Suite mark his official musical debut.

Sam's works also includes a few film scores, including A Holiday in Silent Hill (2007), 001 (2010) and La Flamme (2011).

Sam conducted the premiere of his Harmonic Suite in May 2011, with his school orchestra. The work was an instant success, and was followed by a 10-minute standing ovation.

Since the Harmonic Suite though, Sam has not written much, school taking most of his time. He is currently studying piano, organ and music theory at the St. Foy College in Quebec.

Most of his works are not yet available on the IMSLP.