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Hello world!

I am Sharmaine Sun, and I am a thespian, a writer, a musician, an artist, a student, a photographer, a Christian, an amateur thinker, a sister, daughter, cousin, and friend, a NaNoer, and a wannabe connoisseur.

Currently Playing

Prelude, Skryabin

Happy Birthday Arrangement, Andrew Johnson

Currently Composing

Anything (lyrics) [music by D.J. Marcolesco]

Past Repertoire

Nocturne in c# minor - Chopin [piano]

Adagio in b minor - Mozart [piano]

Ode To My Mac - D.J. Marcolesco and Sharmaine Sun [piano, vocal]

Colors of the Wind - Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken [piano, vocal]

Cruella de Vil - Mel Leven [flute]

miscellaneous Christian hymns

all Smile the musical songs [vocal]

Gymnopedie no. 1 - Satie [piano]

Arabesque no. 1 - Debussy [piano]

Rustles of Spring - Sinding [piano]

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri [piano, vocal]

Moments - One Direction - modified to fit my range [vocal]

The Call - Regina Spektor [piano, vocal]

Wonderful Town (musical) songs - Leonard Bernstein [vocal]

Sonata Pathetique, 3rd movement - Beethoven [piano]

Other Information

Age: 15

Education: Sophomore in high school

Piano: 11+ years

Vocal: 8+ years

Flute: 6+ years

Composing: 1 year