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Hi Alex,

I see you got my response. We've run into some issues pertaining to the Creative Commons licenses, especially with the simpler versions (cc-by in particular). Basically, we're trying to explain to composers and other copyright owners who generously post their work here that a simple cc-by will not stop the folks on Ebay from copying their files and selling them on discs of "All the greatest flute music sheets." At least with the nc versions of the license, I can make a complaint to Ebay if it is brought to my attention that someone is selling the work of a living composer. CC has not addressed the performance issue in a very comprehensive way, though the nc versions should theoretically preclude performances where either the performers, promoters, or venue receives payment. At any rate, in the USA, all sound recordings - no matter how old - are potentially under copyright until 2067. So, we try to keep on top of the issue as much as possible here. Best Wishes, Carolus 02:17, 3 January 2011 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)