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Simon Benjamin Laumer ?

Hi. You recently uploaded some works by "Simon Benjamin Laumer" who (according to the composer page you created) is a composer from the late classical period. To my best knowledge, but of course I can be wrong, there are are no records of such a composer. In order to check the copyright status of these files, could you provide the following information: (i) Could you provide some evidence that Benjamin Laumer (1789-1820) existed ? (ii) Are you Benjamin Laumer (in this case, please correct the dates :=) ) ? (iii) Who is the editor of the scores you uploaded ? I would like to emphasize that whithout clarifying these points, IMSLP probably won't take the reponsability to host these files and they will be deleted soon. Cheers, --Matthieu 16:36, 4 September 2008 (EDT) (from the copyright reviewers team).

Hi, Yes, I am Simon Benjamin Laumer, but I didn't know how to upload the files because of the copyright things. How can I do that? Sorry for the trouble I caused. Greetings Benlaumer

Oh, by the way, I could provide you a recording of my piano concerto

Ok ! Everything looks fine now. Your files will be unblocked very soon. Cheers,--Matthieu 17:19, 4 September 2008 (EDT)