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Hi, thanks for your contributions. One or two things: please do not upload duplicate files. Also, I'm slightly curious why you added another copy of your quartet score to Preludio No.1 (Santos, Giovani dos)? Just seems slightly odd, since your description of the file read 'Honduras', which has nothing to do with the work page. And I'm also wondering what exactly you're planning to put in Compositores HondureƱos- links to all Honduran composers? That's actually a really good idea to implement for all composers, but I'm afraid it won't work if you're only going to put yourself in it, and it really won't work because it shows up as a composer on its own, which would be kind of confusing. Therefore, I have deleted it, but I'll keep the implied suggestion in mind. Anyway, thanks for contributing! KGill talk email 00:48, 23 September 2009 (UTC)