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Dear Ehsansaboohi,
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Dear Ehsansaboohi, the Manual of Style explicitly states that it is forbidden to use all-caps titles. Please carefully read the score contributions guide for more information. As for No.1, you wrote NO,1. Be careful when you create new pages. Thank you. ClassicalComposers 16:54, 3 January 2010 (UTC)


Concerning titles: Numeric values are usually better than having them written out (e.g.three). The reason is because if people want to search for a work called 3 Psalms, they would search under P, no T. Makes sense hopefully. Also, manual of style does say not to capitolize in titles because it is offensive in some languages. You're case with this piece is a difficult call, but could you possibly change "B-A-C-H" to "B-a-c-h", as it would comply with our manual of style? Thanks, BKhon 06:13, 22 August 2010 (UTC)


The way to get a page deleted is to write something like (without the nowiki stuff, that's just to prevent this page from being deleted) {{Delete|please delete this page, it's redundant}} . Admins check pages with the Delete template regularly - not so much blanked pages, I just happened to see that you'd created two pages with similar titles, which seemed odd, so deleted one (or the other thing you could do is replace the whole contents of your page with #REDIRECT [[newpageIMSLPlinkhere]] (like #REDIRECT [[Symphony No.5, Op.67 (Beethoven, Ludwig van)]] - just with the IMSLP-link of your new page in place of that of Beethoven's famous symphony). Then anyone going to the obsolete page would be - of course - redirected to your new page.) Eric 13:33, 4 March 2011 (UTC)