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Hi Keanur! I see that you are editing the pages, so I assume you have read my e-mail and agreed to IMSLP distributing your typesets? :) --Feldmahler 13:59, 9 March 2007 (EST)


Editing pages

Hello there, and welcome to IMSLP!

I saw that you edited the page 3 Characteristic Pieces, Op.49 (Parker, Horatio) and changed the title of the first piece. Your correction for the title was correct, but unfortunately, what you corrected was the filename not the work title. If you want to change a filename on IMSLP, you have to download the file, change the title, and re-upload it. It would be better, in the future, if you notified the uploader of the work to do the change rather than doing it for yourself if you are not sure about what you are doing, or ask someone how to do it (you can ask someone directly or in the forums).

Take care! ~ jujimufu 16:49, 3 August 2007 (EDT)

WIMA uploading

Hi Keanur, and thanks for your helpful efforts to upload files here for the WIMA merge project. Unfortunately, since you did not use the proper WIMA automated file uploader, which is linked to on every work page ("Upload from external sources: Sibley, WIMA, FTP"), I regret that your uploads will have to be removed. The purpose of using the automatic uploader is to automatically log each file transferred; this cannot be done using the normal file submitter, and it is essential for the successful completion of the project. Thanks, KGill talk email 16:22, 15 September 2011 (UTC)

6 Sonatas for Harpsichord (Abel, Carl Friedrich)

Hello Keanur. Could you ensure that any more scores from this collection are added to 6 Sonatas for Harpsichord (Abel, Carl Friedrich), instead of creating new pages for each one. Thanks — P.davydov 19:00, 16 September 2011 (UTC)

Sonata Sesta (Scarlatti, Alessandro)

Why can't I change the old file (title: Sonata) by a corrected one (title Sonata sesta)?,_Alessandro)

I tried 3 times using the standard procedure without success... !? Pierre Gouin (Keanur)

Entr’acte II (Bizet, Georges)

Hello Pierre. Can you ensure that arrangements like this one are placed on the page for the main work? I've moved this one to Carmen (Bizet, Georges). Thanks — P.davydov 20:59, 19 September 2011 (UTC)

Adding identification

Hello again Pierre. To make sure that all the scores you have edited are listed in your own personal category, could you be sure to edit the field for "Editor", so that it reads:
I've gone through as many of your past submissions as I can, but as there are quite a lot it's possible that I've missed some. Thanks — P.davydov 20:01, 20 September 2011 (UTC)

I will try to do that. I'm new (you noticed already) in the IMSLP environnement... still learning! PG

Boismortier TRio sonatas op 7

The problem with the new grouping is that the keys now indicated are no longer valid. You see, my different transcriptions for recorders and for bass viols of the same work are NOT in the same key for obvious reasons!

Maybe it should have been left as I had done...

Pierre Gouin

Ah, I see. The headings couldn't have been left as they were, because they need to be in the correct format to be read by our automated system, which creates the categories for the arrangements. So the sections names (in this case the titles of the individual sonatas) must to have four equals signs either side, and the instrumentation (and arranger's surname) five equals signs. To avoid confusion I've removed the keys from the headings, which I hope will avoid the problem.
There are just a few things like that, which have to be written in a particular way, but we don't expect everyone to know them immediately :-) It's the job of the admins to look out for them and put them right where possible, although we're a little behind right now because of the large number of scores being transferred from WIMA. I hope you will be patient with us  :-) — P.davydov 20:28, 20 September 2011 (UTC)

Duphly older 2003 edition

Now that I have uploaded all 4 volumes of my revised 2010 edition of Duphly's harpsichord pieces, my older 2003 edition uploaded by Sylvain Chosson in 4 volumes should be discarded. Thanks! Pierre Gouin

The old edition has now been removed. Cheers, KGill talk email 03:12, 23 September 2011 (UTC)

Movements of works

...Do not get a separate work page. Franck, Panis Angelicus, for example, goes on the page for the Mass, Op.12. You're generally doing a fantastic job with uploading here, but there are some aspects of the hierarchy system on the pages that sometimes need to be fixed. There are some cases - where the composer collected several works and published them under a single opus number which have subsequently been catalogued as separate works (Vivaldi's Op.8 being a good example), where we have pages for the separate works and for the collection. Those are pretty rare cases. If you have questions, please ask me, KGill, P.davydov, or one of the other regular admins here and we'll try to help. The general rule is that arrangements of movements or segments of larger works go onto the page for the original work. I've redirected Panis Angelicus. Thanks, Carolus 05:04, 28 September 2011 (UTC)


I understand your policy of getting together works that belong to a corpus; that's why I have tried to reunite some works on the Gigout page, for example.

Concerning Panis Angelicus, about 98.9 % of people looking for that score will look for Panis angelicus, and certainly not for the mass op. 12 where it belongs, since almost nobody knows that fact because the said mass is never sung (or recorded) anywhere nowadays. So, it seemed to me more logical and useful, in that particular case, to give popular Panis angelicus a separate entry, so people looking for it would find it easily.

But I understand IMSLP must have policies. Some of which I am not yet aware. Sorry!


Yes, you are quite correct about the obscurity of the Mass. That's why we use re-directs a lot. I'm a little surprised you did run into one when you first created a page for Panis Angelicus. Carolus 02:24, 1 October 2011 (UTC)

Parts in separate movements

Dear Pierre,

We had some discussion about this issue on the forums when the idea of moving WIMA here was brought up. For example. the Deuxième Récréation de Musique has seven different sets of parts - one for each movement. This type of thing is massively inconvenient for anyone wishing to perform the work in total (which would probably be the vast majority). Was there some sort of strange page-count restriction at WIMA? Before you uplaod anything else of this nature, please combine the files - especially for anything involving more than 5 players - so that the scores and one file and the separate parts are set up as a single file for each instrument? No wonder WIMA had 65,000 files. If we had things divided up that way we'd probably be over 500,000. Thanks, Carolus 02:22, 1 October 2011 (UTC)

Dear Carolus, I understand your concern about so many files... About Leclair's Récréation, that score was made many years ago for a particular project for my own student ensemble. Later, I decided to offer it , for free, «as is», to WIMA's clients. Yesterday, I imported those scores in IMSLP exactly as they were. As for the inconveniency , I do not understand... the players can print their parts recto-verso and put them in a binder (as we did). Actually, this is the first complain I get about the Récréation en Musique (which was - 10 years ago - impossible to find anywhere) so I made it after a rare facsimile. Actually I never got a single «thank you!» or any manifestation of appreciation for my work on that piece. I consider that for the «price», these scores are still a good value. But nothing is perfect. Sincerely, Pierre.

Yes, it's often thankless to produce this type of work. You've done a very fine job, however - really professional-level work and a lovely addition to this archive. Since WIMA has been around so long, I wondered if there was some type of odd page-count restriction in place. Maybe if one of us has some spare time in the future, the files could be combined to the format I mentioned above. It's not a high priority, since we have lots of WIMA files to add, categorize, etc. Carolus 22:26, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

Uploading files to complete Lefébure-Wély's L'Office Catholique

I have a problem with uploading the 11 files to complete Lefébure-Wély's L'Office Catholique op. 148, Suite 10. Everything works fine until I click the button ACCEPT for the copyright rules. THen, nothing happens. The sheet becomes blank and the SUCCESS message never comes. It just stick there. And the files are NOT uploaded....

I tried also uploading a single file, and encoutered the same problem.

Curiously I could upload files all day long elsewhere (Lassus, Le Jeune, Janequin).

Can somebody help?

Thanks. Pierre Gouin

Finally, I succeeded to upload 10e Livraison by uploading the 11 pdfs into another piece, then moving them (Copy-paste) to their proper place in L'Office Catholique...

PG. October 2.

Not sure what was going on there. Let us know if you have any more problems of this nature. Report to Feldmahler, as he is the master programmer here. Carolus 22:27, 2 October 2011 (UTC)

Possible Error

Hi Keanur. Thank you for your nice uploads. I think you may have accidentally added several duplicates of file number 132938. Can this be corrected, or is it intentional? Respectfully yours, Emery 21:53, 4 October 2011 (UTC)

I don't know how that happened! possibly my mistake copying an pasting the same URL address too many times!! I'll try to correct it! The system told me so but I did not understand what it meant... Thanks! Pierre G.

Arrangements and Transcriptions

Hi Pierre, You have to use 5 equal signs in indications such as "For Organ solo (Gouin)" in order for the system to be able to read it. Thanks, Carolus 06:08, 5 October 2011 (UTC)

Yes, I know... maybe I made one mistake or 2... However, I must confess I am quite frequently disturbed by this: Scheduled Maintenance Downtime! Everything stops, and I might loose concentration.

I have also remarked that the access to IMSLP is grewing sluggish, slower and slower... Happily enough, I am about to finish my transfers from WIMA. P.G., 5 Oct., 11h33.

Problem getting to Lefébure-Wélys's Office Catholique

Hello! It seems there is a serious problem with this address:,_Op.148_(Lefébure-Wély,_Louis_James_Alfred)

I just can't access the page... L'Office Catholique by Lefébure-Wély.

Can someone look at this?

P. Gouin, 8 Octobre, 9h46.

Arrangements and Transcriptions

Hello Pierre, You've got the order backwards. The section or name of the excerpt is the upper level (4 equal-signs) and the arrangement designation "For Piano (Gouin)" is beneath (5 equal-signs). You'll be happy to know that we are upgrading our servers soon. The site has indeed been quite sluggish. Thanks, Carolus 04:26, 29 October 2011 (UTC)

Reply: «The section or name of the excerpt is the upper level (4 equal-signs) and the arrangement designation "For Piano (Gouin)" is beneath (5 equal-signs).»

I know that and that's what I do. I would like more specific details about that remark, because I do not understand to what piece you're referring.

QUESTION : Yesterday, I created a composer page for Monsieur de Saint-Lambert (Sometimes referred to as «Michel de Saint-Lambert» without any historical reason, since his treatise Les Principes du Clavecin does not give any first name).

Someone changed the name to «Saint Lambert, Monsieur de». The hyphen was suppressed without reason, and «Monsieur de» became used as first name.

I would like to understand why Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe was entered as such, but not Monsieur de Saint-Lambert. Exactly the same case, but 2 different treatments...

Are there some rules or guidelines for names like these, or is it according to the editor's fancy at the moment?


PG, Oct. 29, 12h53 ET.

John Stanley Voluntaries Opp. 5, 6 & 7


I noticed recently that the 3 pages for Voluntaries Op. 5, 6 & 7 by John Stanley are not working properly: all the buttons in the upper part of these 3 pages are not working; impossible to navigate, edit or download anything. Can someone look at that problem?


Pierre Gouin March 5, 2012