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Dear Lichaklai, Thanks for your recent additions. The arrangement of the Bee-Gees song was deleted, as it is a copyright violation. Please read about public domain. You cannot post arrangements of copyrighted material unless you show us permission in writing from the copyright owner. Also, please use the "Add a file to this page" link on the work-pages we already have created, like Suites (Overtures) for Orchestra, BWV 1066-1069 in the future. I will place your typeset of the Rondeau from the second suite on this page shortly. When upload files the way you did, it is very easy for them to get lost and end up as 'orphan' files. Another thing, when you create file names, it's best not to use a generic name like "Rondeau.pdf" for item you upload here. Naming the file something like "Bach-BWV1067Rondeau-Vn1.pdf" makes it less likely that your file will get lost. Thanks, Carolus 14:21, 13 June 2009 (EDT) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)