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Jacques Ibert

Since Ibert died in 1962, that is, since 1960 (since 1959, actually), his music can't be hosted on the IMSLP server yet, which is hosted in Canada where the copyright law is death+50. (I'm not sure why an exception is made for Erno Dohnanyi, who died in 1960- though the situation will change for him next year it's true :) Maybe I don't understand exactly though. But Ibert won't be out of copyright in Canada for a bit yet. And so IMSLP can't host his scores, and the category and the scores will be deleted. Composers who died in 1959 or before, or whose copyright holders have given you permission to host them on IMSLP and its mirror websites, are ok though. Eric 15:53, 9 August 2010 (UTC)