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Copyright claims - or IP claims - upon scanned public domain music

We do not accept or recognize any such claims, nor does any copyright law in the world. To accept such a claim would effectively abolish public domain altogether. We have no idea where the other contributor obtained the earlier scan, or if he made it himself from the ca.1890 publication (though it appears to me that it is actually the same file available at the FARNE site). I have accordingly moved your comment to the "Discussion" section of the page - which is where it belongs. Since it appears that the scan was obtained from FARNE, I added a link back to them in the scanner field. We do encourage contributors to credit the source of the scans they upload, and even have a series of wiki-templates available to facilitate linking back to major libraries and other organizations where such scans are found. Fynnjamin is an experienced contributor here, so I am sure this was just an oversight on his part. He is normally quite fastidious about linking back to the archive or library where he found the file. Carolus 05:09, 11 January 2012 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)